Hai Tang Cafe

Located at 38 Buttonfield Road in Markham

We went to this little HK-style cafe to have lunch and we arrived just in time before the weekday lunch rush hour!  I hadn’t been to Hai Tang Cafe before and it’s not unlike all the other HK-style cafes.  It serves all-day breakfast, lunch, and dinner combos and is located on 16th near Woodbine.  

We ordered several things to share:  Beef Satay Noodle in Soup with Toast with Butter and Two Eggs, and Curry Chicken on Rice.  We actually changed the all-day combo from the Preserved Veggie and Shredded Pork with Vermicelli in Soup to the Beef Satay one.  The server, although very busy and running around trying to get everyone seated and ordering, was very kind and able to cater to us very efficiently.

We had soup that came with the rice too

The portions of food was really good and also bigger than I expected.  The Curry Chicken on Rice was very filling and not like the yellow curry that I had expected.  It wasn’t very spicy at all and more creamy and red in colour.

Curry Chicken on Rice. $5.99

The Beef Satay Noodle in Soup wasn’t spicy either and tasted pretty good.

Beef Satay Noodle in Soup. $5.29

I asked for my two eggs to be scrambled, but it wasn’t entirely scrambled in a light and fluffy way.  It was more of a folded scramble where it would be perfect to place into a sandwich.  Lol.

Toast with Butter and Two Eggs

This cafe, although small, was so popular!  I’m sure I will return again to try their other dishes since the food is really affordable and solid quality.

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  1. That curry chicken looks so good…

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