Deer Garden Signatures (Richmond Hill location)

Located at 550 Hwy 7 E, Unit 108 in Richmond Hill

I’ve blogged about the Scarborough location of Deer Garden Signatures before, but since this is a food blog and I like to blog and document about as many restaurants as I can, this blog post exists to serve that purpose. ^_^

The Richmond Hill location of Deer Garden Signatures is actually the first location of this chain to open up in Toronto.  The Scarborough location only opened up somewhat recently.  Deer Garden Signatures specializes in fish soup noodles and vermicelli.  It is the ultimate Asian comfort food since it is a steaming hot bowl of soup with noodles, toppings that you can choose, and comes with a drink and snacks if you choose to order those as well.

Simple ordering system with many variations and customizations

The menu at Deer Garden is simple and straight-forward.  There are pieces of order sheets on the paper with pens and you simply check off the type of soup base that you want, the type of noodles that you want, toppings, drink, and snacks.  Maybe in the future, the restaurant can start implementing Scantron-like devices so that they can simply scan the customer’s preferences into a machine and the servers don’t even need to manually plug the orders into the computer. XD

During this visit, we ordered one bowl of vermicelli in gingko and pepper fish soup with two toppings of luncheon meat and fish puffs (these things are amazing!!) with hot chocolate milk and two snacks of desert wings with ginger and pan fried sausage slices with honey glaze.  The other order was a bowl of thin rice noodles in chaochou style dried fish and minced pork fish soup with two toppings of sliced cuttlefish and fish puffs (of course) with hot almond milk.

-Thin rice noodles
-Chaochou style dried fish and minced pork fish soup
-Two toppings: sliced cuttlefish and fish puffs
-Hot almond milk. $8.75

-Gingko and pepper fish soup
-Two toppings: luncheon meat and fish puffs
-Hot chocolate milk. $8.75

The gingko and pepper fish soup was not very strong and the vermicelli was a little harder than I imagined it to be.  The fish puffs didn’t disappoint as usual; they’re so delicious because they soak up the fish soup entirely and when you bite into this fluffy goodness, the soup gushes out in your mouth and it’s an extremely satisfying experience.  So delicious!  The luncheon meat was as expected and the desert wings were yummy.  I also liked the honey glazed pan fried sliced red sausages.  I have cravings for these red sausages every so often. 🙂

-Luncheon meat
-Pan fried sausage slices with honey glaze

Desert wings with ginger

I was very surprised with how soft, tender, and smooth the sliced cuttlefish was!!  Usually, cuttlefish can be terrible if it’s boiled too much and is hard to chew down.  This cuttlefish was so smooth and tender.  This was the best cuttlefish I’ve probably ever had.  I was very impressed!

You can order something different every single time — love it!

We visited this location another time and here’s what we got.  This time, I opted for the original fish soup base and it was so delicious that I drank a lot of it.  I also tried the thin rice noodles since it’s their classic and I hadn’t tried it since that first time at the Scarborough location.  Man, it’s no wonder that they’re so popular because their rice noodles are really, really delicious.  They’re soft, smooth, stringy, and go so incredibly well with the soup base because it also clings on to the soup so that when you slurp it up, it’s a big combination of soft noodles and flavoured soup.  Delicious!


Hot chocolate milk & Hot almond milk

It’s funny because I literally had a full bowl of “fish” food in my bowl — fish soup base, fish balls, fish tofu.  It was amazing.

Needless to say, this is a spot that I’ll be returning to time and time again for some good comfort food.  I’ve already returned to this restaurant multiple times already since I posted that very first Scarborough visit.  Have you been before?  If you haven’t, you’re missing out.  You can also order bubble tea as your drink!

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