Even more seafood feasting at Ponte Vecchio

Located at 6380 Fallsview Blvd in Niagara Falls

Another month, another mother-daughter moment.  I love spending quality time dining out with my mom and especially when we order tremendous amounts of food like this.  Five years ago I wouldn’t have appreciated this that much and five years later I know I’ll appreciate these moments and quality time so much more.  We need to live life to the fullest but also make sure that we keep the most treasured parts of life like our family intact.

Bread to start

We ordered a bunch of food at Ponte Vecchio and this time we tried dishes that we haven’t ordered before.  Our server was exceptionally nice and accommodating and very easy to talk to.  This was absolute five-star service right here.  I also loved the ambiance of this restaurant.  We just so happened to be sitting in the inner area of the restaurant where they have these beautiful black sheen curtains that separate you from the next table for privacy.  This is a beautiful and romantic place to have dinner with a special someone. 🙂

As usual, we got the delicious bread that looks like a giant flower that is buttered slightly on top.  It was good.

I am always a glutton when I eat at Niagara Falls and we chose three appetizers.

We had to maneuver things around on our table in order to fit all three appetizers

The first one was something that I didn’t expect would be so extravagant.  I mean, just look at this!   It’s called an Antipasto Della Casa and is literally a board filled with proscuitto di parma, Niagara coppa, grilled vegetables, pecorino toscano (firm-textured ewe’s milk cheese), taggiasche olives, and pachino tomatoes.  I felt like a queen eating this because the colours were so rich, the flavours were varied between juicy and sour and sweet and salty and there were so many textures.  I was in food heaven pretty much.

Antipasto Della Casa. $21
-proscuitto di parma, Niagara coppa, grilled vegetables, pecorino toscano, taggiasche olives, pachino tomatoes

The grilled vegetables were fresh and juicy; I particularly liked the juicy peppers and the olives were so tasty.  The proscuitto tasted soft and divine.

We also ordered the sea scallops that were surrounded with bean puree which I found interesting.  Each sea scallop was large in size and wrapped with pancetta (Italian bacon made of pork belly).  The scallop was firm but I still wasn’t a big fan of the bean puree (not a huge fan of the texture of beans).

Capesante E Pancetta. $25
-pancetta wrapped sea scallops, frisee cannellini bean puree, rosemary infused extra virgin olive oil

Gamberi. $25
-chilled shrimp cocktail, tomato horseradish

The Gamberi, shrimp cocktail, was a classic cocktail and the best part was not just the firm and meaty shrimp but the tomato horseradish that made each bite so tantalizing and delicious.  The sauce was tangy and very rich in flavour.

Finally, we were done with our appetizers segment and we moved on to the main course.  I wanted to try their lamb rack because they previously didn’t have this on their menu.  On our first visit here, we tried the lamb and we didn’t like it that much — I’m a grilled rack of lamb kind of girl.  We also ordered a pasta dish.  But first, the lamb!

Sella D’Agnello. $49
-Alberta rack of lamb, honey mustard pistachi crust, roasted garlic jus, fingerling potatoes, vegetable caponata

This rack of lamb from was Alberta and crusted with a honey mustard pistachi with fingerling potatoes and vegetables.  The lamb was very moist and juicy.  I liked it but didn’t love it.  I’ve had very, very good rack of lamb that is encrusted with dry herbs — that is the type of rack of lamb that I adore.  There was nothing wrong with this dish though.  I would recommend it if you are a lamb lover as the meat is so well done and prepared.

Risotto Con Zucca E Gamberi. $36
-carnaroli rice, gulf shrimps, butternut squash saffron & mascarpone cheese

Our pasta dish was the Risotto Con Zucca E Gamberi which contained carnaroli rice, gulf shrimps, butternut squash saffron and mascarpone cheese.  The moment it arrived, I knew I would love it.  Anything that is creamy and cheesy and has seafood and risotto is a number one winner in my books.  I definitely wasn’t disappointed.  The shrimps were good, the risotto was grainy and soft and covered with the beautiful and creamy butternut saffron.  It was unbelievably delicious.  Seeing that the sauce is thick and there is cheese, this was a dish that we definitely didn’t finish and packed home to enjoy.  If you were to order this for yourself, I’m sure that you would also find that after a few bites, you will slowly find yourself feeling full and stuffed.  But man, this was a definite winner too!

Complimentry chocolates to end off the night on a sweet note

Due to being so full from the three appetizers, rack of lamb, and cheesy risotto with shrimp, we didn’t order any desserts.  I love Ponte Vecchio.  Their food is impeccably high quality and the restaurant service and ambiance are undeniably high class.

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  1. andy1076 says:

    Everything looks so absolutely yum! Plus, the display is perfect 🙂

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