More Food from Ponte Vecchio!

Located at 6380 Fallsview Blvd in Niagara Falls

After watching La Grand Cirque — Adrenaline at the Avalon Theatre, we headed to Ponte Vecchio for dinner.  I’ve been to this restaurant once before and really loved the service and the food.  We were soooo full last time that we weren’t even able to finish all that we ordered.

This time, we ordered just enough and even had room for dessert.  Yay!!

Once again, we were served the fluffy and yummy “flower” shaped bread.

Bread with butter

Gamberi. $24
-chilled shrimp cocktail, tomato horseradish

To start, we ordered the shrimp cocktail, sea scallops, and linguine with clams.  Omg, the shrimp cocktail was presented beautifully in a glass — actually, all three dishes were presented glamourously.  The three shrimps were huge!  It was perfect for the three of us to share. 🙂  The meat of the shrimp was firm and fresh.  The tangy and chunky cocktail sauce was the perfect accompaniment.  The few leaves of argula in it were so fresh as well.  Love!

The three sea scallops were again perfectly suited for a three-person table.  Each one was huge!  It was meticulously wrapped with a thin slice of bacon.  The scallop meat was firm and delicious.  Each bite was a bite of heaven itself.  So good!

Sea Scallops. $24
-prosciutto di parma, sun chokes, frisee cherry tomato vinaigrette

Linguine with Clams. $21
-manila clams, fennel, calabrian chilies cherry tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil

The linguine with clams was ordered as a small portion instead of the full.  It arrived beautifully covered with lots of full shells of clams.  The thing I love about Italian restaurants like these is that they never skimp out on the ingredients.  The linguine was so fine and delicious with the sauce.  It wasn’t too rich or too plain and perfect for a carb-y dish.  Mmm, we all commented that this was a definite re-order for the future.


Atlantic Lobster. $70
-grilled, seasonal vegetables spaghetti agli’olio

Our entree was the night was the half lobster.  We chose the grilled option.  It was so large!  It came with vegetables on the side (broccolini, asparagus, carrots), spaghetti aioli with ample fresh herbs, and a big dish of melted butter to dip the lobster in.

The lobster was well grilled and almost tasted too overdone.  For the most part, this dish was superb though!  So much lobster 🙂

Since we had room in our stomachs for dessert, we chose 3 different ones to share and indulge in.

Our mouths popped open when the server brought these to our table. We never expected the desserts to be so large!

Traditional Tiramisu. $12
-marinated seasonal berries

The tiramisu is a classic and it arrived as a long log with a bed of fresh berries on the side.  The presentation of all three desserts was flawless.  Actually, we were open-mouth shocked at how big each portion was!  The tiramisu wasn’t very strong in cocoa flavour but was very creamy — I’ve had better.

The Rosemary Olive Oil Cake caught my eye.  I’ve had it previously at Paese and most recently tried a bite of it from Holly at One Fifty.  The cake was so pretty and topped with a sphere of vanilla ice cream.  Everyone really loved this one.  The cake was soft and light!

Rosemarry Olive Oil Cake. $13
-vin santo zabaione, orange gelato, berries

Chocolate Hazelnut Cake. $12
-expresso ice cream

Last but not least, I wanted something chocolatey to finish off the night.  The chocolate hazelnut cake sure hit the spot.  It was a gigantic masterpiece with a chocolate stick leaning over it.  The chocolate mousse covering the top and around the cake was so smooth.  Mmm, sooo good!

The service this time at Ponte Vecchio was just as attentive as our first visit.  I really enjoyed our meal.  We’ll be back for more for sure. 🙂

I had to add this picture in too. Look at how cute those little salt and pepper shakers are!

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6 Responses to More Food from Ponte Vecchio!

  1. andy1076 says:

    wowwee!! gotta appreciate how the main dish is proportioned just enough to let you enjoy, but not fill you so much that there’s no room for everything else 🙂

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