Lunch at Chef Wong’s

Located at 3235 Highway 7 East in Markham

On a Tuesday afternoon, my mom and I went for lunch at Chef Wong’s at First Markham Place.  This restaurant used to be another location of Congee Wong but for some reason has been renovated and changed to another congee/noodle/rice restaurant called Chef Wong instead.  Mind you, the Chinese name is still the same as “Congee Wong”.  What gives?  

The restaurant is spacious inside with booths lining the walls.  There was a bit of confusion when the server said we could take the newly vacated booth seat but it turned out to be reserved by someone else just in front of us.  No matter, just a few seconds later, there was another booth that opened up too.

The place was packed on a Tuesday afternoon

Blood Jello & Sliced Fish Congee. $4.95

The menu contained the typical congee, rice, noodle, side dishes affair just like at Congee Wong.  We ordered two dishes to share, a pig’s blood and fish congee and a plate of e-fu lobster.  Yum!

The bowl of pig’s blood and fish congee tasted more bland than usual and there weren’t very many fish pieces.  It was decent though and enough for a clean palate.



Lobster with Ginger & Green Onion E-Fu Noodle. $19.95

The e-fu noodle with lobster arrived in a more substantial plate than I imagined it would come in.  There were just enough lobster chunks to resemble that of a lobster.  Again, I found the flavouring to be a bit bland and not super tasty.  The lobster meat was firm and fresh though. 🙂

I love comfort food places like these.  It’s almost always affordable, casual, simple, and fills you up.

Thanks for reading! 🙂  (Yes, you!)

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2 Responses to Lunch at Chef Wong’s

  1. andy1076 says:

    mmm! so promising so far then! I so love e-fu noodle, Though I can’t really eat too much of it cause i get so full lol

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