Dim Sum at Wutai Vegetarian Restaurant

Located at 8425 Woodbine Avenue in Markham

For Buddha’s birthday this year, we decided on eating a vegetarian lunch after we visited the temple (naturally).  We went to Wutai Vegetarian Restaurant, which is located on Woodbine Avenue south of Highway 7 in Markham.  I knew of this restaurant’s existence but had never tried it out until now.  

You can easily spot this restaurant from the street

By the time we got there, the special dim sum price hours were over.  You could still order dim sum from their order sheet but it didn’t seem like such a great deal anymore since you had to pay full price.  Regardless, we ordered a few items to share.  This restaurant is vegetarian which means that they feature specialties of dim sum with copycat meat dishes made with gluten usually or substituted with vegetable options.  It’s quite creative, these Chinese vegetarian restaurants!

Dim sum order sheet

Even though we arrived at an unpopular time for dim sum, there were still quite a fair number of people in the restaurant.  The service here was pleasant as the servers were polite and efficient.  The restaurant isn’t very big, but it’s a comfortable environment.

The first to arrive was the Cordyceps Flowers & Wolfberry Dumpling.  The name made it seem very interesting so we ordered it to try.  This dumpling was very well made.  It was steaming hot when it arrived and the dumpling skin was smooth yet chewy.  The inside where the vegetables were was very soft and tasty.  I was pleasantly surprised with how great this tasted as it was a very simple dim sum dish.

Cordyceps Flowers & Wolfberry Dumpling

The second to arrive was the bowl of Curry Mushroom Soup Noodle.  We didn’t expect this to arrive that soon into our meal.  The curry soup base was a tad spicy and a little watered down, but the type of watered down curry wasn’t an unpleasant one.  It was just thin curry soup.  The noodles were not bad.  I liked that there were a lot of mushrooms in it.  It was quite a unique combination!  We didn’t end up finishing this and took the rest home.

Curry Mushroom Soup Noodle (small). $8.50

This Spring Roll with Vermicelli was also a surprising winner!  I would say that it’s one of the best made spring rolls I’ve had!  It was so crispy and freshly fried that it was so delicious.  It was fried perfectly; not too much which kept the outside skin crisp.  Yum! 😀

Spring Roll with Vermicelli

This Zucchini Ring Stuffed with Vegetables is a popular dim sum item.  Usually, the zucchini ring is stuffed with meat but since we were in a vegetarian restaurant, the inside of the ring was stuffed with vegetables like carrots and mushrooms.  It was really tasty as well!  Simple but delicious.

Zucchini Ring Stuffed with Vegetables

This Baked Durian Puff was quite large for its size and after finishing one, you will easily feel full because of the pastry and durian paste.  The inside didn’t contain real durian fruit, but it was real durian paste.  It was sooo fragrant upon arriving at the table.  If you don’t like durian, don’t order this dish as it’s true durian inside!  Not bad. 🙂

Baked Durian Puff

Lastly, the Pan Fried Lotus Cake was an interesting one.  This lotus cake actually contained a whole slice of lotus on the top.  It was pretty good but also very filling.  We also took the last one home because we couldn’t finish it all.

Pan Fried Lotus Cake

A fair amount of diners at 2 p.m. in the afternoon

All in all, the food at Wutai Vegetarian Restaurant was pretty good.  However, the prices were a little steep.  It’s great to visit every so often if you want good vegetarian food though!

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