Japanese Raindrop Cake at Night It Up! 2016

Japanese Raindrop Cake

Night It Up! located at 101 Town Centre Blvd in Markham

I finally got to try the infamous Japanese Raindrop Cake!  Social media is incredibly influential nowadays and it was through this medium that I first heard about this unique Japanese dessert.

Thus, once I found out that it was available in Toronto at one of the food festivals, I was eager to get my hands on one to try. 😀  

Betty and I saw it at the TO Food Fest and had wanted to try it the night we were there but due to the sudden rain shower and their vendor was closing early for the night, we didn’t try it out.

Then, when I looked up AAA Grills’ instagram page (the vendor offering the raindrop cake) and saw that it was going to be offered at the Night It Up food festival, we looked for its booth when we stopped by that night and got to try it out!  Yay!! 😀

Compared to most of the other vendors at Night It Up, the AAA Grills food stand was quite empty.  They offered two “flavours” of the raindop cake, original and matcha.

AAA Grills food stand

AAA Grills food stand

We opted for the original flavour to try.  After handing over my $7 (so overpriced!), our raindrop cake was ready right away.

AAA Grills menu

In addition to the raindrop cake, they also sell a poutine and drink

I was a bit crestfallen with how small the two raindrop cakes were — the version I had seen online was so much bigger!  It came in two with some syrup and sugar powder on the side.

 Japanese Raindrop Cake

Japanese Raindrop Cake. $7

The Japanese Raindrop Cake is made from water and agar (jelly-like substance) essentially so when I put my fork into it, I was surprised with how soft it felt.  Rosa had tried it at Sweet Note Desserts (they have it there too!) and said their version was a lot denser.

It tasted very refreshing like you were eating a “water” flavour of a jello.  It really depended on the accompanying sugar and sauce to give it more flavour.

All in all, I would give this a try if you like trying these trendy hyped-up foods, but like I felt, $7 was really not worth the portion we got.  Perhaps you can even try making it at home! :p

That was the only item we tried at the crowded Night It Up! festival that night.  I was enticed by the ramen fries, poke wraps, and a few other items too but the lines for those were way too long and we didn’t wait to line up.  We also were there just after a filling Summerlicious dinner so we were already full.

Until next year, Night It Up! 🙂


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  1. kchezelle says:

    I’ve always wanted to try this!

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