Dinner at B&B Cafe Restaurant

Located at 50 Bur Oak Avenue, Unit C9 in Markham

After sharing some yummy snacks at our weekly meeting, we went to B&B Cafe restaurant to have some grub.  It’s an unassuming Chinese restaurant that also serves HK-style food in addition to dinner.  It’s located in the plaza at Bur Oak and Kennedy and is a small family restaurant.  As Ronny says, these restaurants are mostly frequented by the residents that live in that neighbourhood if they want a convenient bite without travelling too far from home.

You can choose dishes from a list to make a combo for two, three, four, five, or six people! Our combo for four was just $27.99

Since there were six of us, we ordered several dishes to share.  The dinner combo for four came with a soup and rice.

We chose some good dishes!  We had Furong Omelette, Crispy Chicken, salt and pepper pork chops (always one of my favs), and Eggplant with Minced Meat.

I especially liked the omelette since it was eggy and fried just like the way I like it.  The salt and pepper pork chops should have been a bit more juicy but they were still seasoned well.  The eggplant and minced meat was pretty good.  The crispy chicken was good and the accompanying crisps were crunchy too!  A lot of the dishes tasted like home-cooked, comfort food. 🙂

Soup to start!

Furong Omelette

Pork Chop with Spicy Salt

Braised Eggplant & Minced Meat

Crispy Chicken (half)

A little Chinese restaurant!

It was a simple Chinese dinner and we only split $7 per person to feel satisfied.  Not every meal has to be extravagant! 🙂

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November 11, 2015 — Oh, a little update!  I’ve been here many more times since that first visit for dinner and have thoroughly enjoyed their food.  Yay!  Recently, before our treetop trekking in Oshawa, we stopped here for a very fast breakfast.  I ordered their Satay Meal (Set Meal available from 7:30 p.m.-2 p.m.) which included an egg or ham sandwich and satay beef with vermicelli in soup.


Satay Meal:  Egg or Ham Sandwich & Satay Beef with Vermicelli in Soup.  $5.50

This is what it looked like.  The vermicelli was good and the satay beef was topped with some spicy oil that was a tad spicy.  It was good for just $5.50 with a drink (I ordered a hot lemon water as always).  I took the egg sandwich with me on the go to eat on the way there since we were short on time.  Yay for really cheap and nourishing HK style breakfast cafes! 🙂



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4 Responses to Dinner at B&B Cafe Restaurant

  1. andy1076 says:

    The pork chop looks super yummy! eggplant is such a staple too 😉

  2. Howard says:

    I was in Toronto a couple weeks ago and decided to hit up B&B cafe for dinner. We arrived around 7:30 PM on a Saturday night. As we walked towards the restaurant we were a bit skeptical to walk in as there was nobody inside besides the staff, but based on your recommendation we entered anyway. Glad we didn’t turn away as the food was delicious and cheap. We got the 3 dish combo consisting of half crispy chicken, tofu with grouper, and a pock chop dish. We wanted tong choy that day, but it wasn’t part of the combo, so we added it as a full price dish. The chicken was moist (even the white meat), the tofu with grouper had good wok hay, and the pork chop was just so-so. Overall, I was happy with the dinner and would return the next time I’m in Toronto. Great recommendation!

    • stenoodie says:

      Hi Howard! Thank you so much for sharing this with me! That’s great that you went in to try based on my recommendation and I’m very happy to hear that you weren’t disappointed and had a great meal. Hope you had or continue to have a pleasant time in Toronto! 🙂

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