Treetop Trekking at Treetop Eco-Adventure Park in Oshawa!

The first time that I went treetop trekking was last year in Blue Mountain as part of the summer retreat with the Mon Sheong Youth Group.  I still remember the trip fondly where we were escorted by a private bus (there were only 20 or so of us) to spend the weekend in July doing fun team building activities, games, and treetop trekking!  It was fun and I especially loved the zipline parts between each obstacle. 🙂

Their building is this metal “portable” that is in the outdoors; simple!

About two weeks ago, several of us went on a semi-impromptu trip to Oshawa to Treetop Eco-Adventure Park at 10:30 a.m. where we got to spend about three hours climbing the trees through obstacles and ziplines.  Since I had done this before, I had some experience already but I still didn’t really know what to expect since the obstacle course would be different.  It was a new adventure!  For most of the group, it was their first time treetop trekking.

Such a cute Welcome sign. Look at that little drawing of the stick person! XD

Harness & helmets. Don’t forget your gloves! They make a HUGE difference in the course!

After we got harnessed up, we watched a brief demonstration of how to use the equipment and how to attach ourselves properly.  We then went through the practice course one by one.

Selfie with the monkey before we started 😀

Jason and I harnessed up and ready to go

Since there were a lot of us, we didn’t wait until everyone was done the practice course before we started.  We followed one of the staff members to the first course.  There were three courses at Treetop Eco-Adventure Park, with each one increasing in difficulty level.  In order to ride the final zip line at the end,  you had to complete all three levels.  I really didn’t know what to expect of the courses but I knew that I really wanted to go on the final zip line.

I remember the last time that I was at the Blue Mountain tree top trekking course, it was a lot more densely packed and you could actually see all three levels as you were in one — the most difficult level was the highest, the medium level was in the middle, and the easier level was just slightly above ground.  For this one, once you finished one course, you continue onwards — it’s a lot bigger park than the one at Blue Mountain.

A group picture before we started climbing!

This was the very first obstacle

Yay! Excited!

Pictures necessary haha

I forgot how difficult some of these obstacles could be.  The most difficult ones were the swingy ones made with logs where you really had to keep your balance in order to go through it.  It helps when people behind you and in front of you encourage you and show their support.  While completing the course, many of us related treetop trekking to building the business.  No matter what, you have to focus and keep going.  If you turn back or give up, you will let the team down and also slow them down.  Listen to the people who have completed the obstacle because they have already gone through it and know the correct advice and tips to share with you.  If you listen to the people that are behind you, although they may seem harmless, they actually don’t know what they are saying because they haven’t been through it yet.  Most importantly, you have to take your time and believe in yourself.  Some people didn’t take very long to complete the course, whereas some of us (especially if we’re physically short) will take a little longer.  Everyone has their own pace and you cannot rush someone.  If you don’t believe in yourself, you will never be able to complete the course.  Once you’re on the obstacle no one can help you; it’s up to you to start and to finish.

After completion of this obstacle

Wobble wobble wobble. Good thing it wasn’t actually windy that day

This was very high up off the ground, but it’s not easy to tell

Wall climbing was our first obstacle to face in the third course! We all did it! 😀

With that said, it was a very fun course to go through and I was impressed that I completed all the courses; even the last one which is considered “difficult”.  I think the ones here at Treetop Eco-Adventure Park are definitely easier than the ones at Blue Mountain.  Since it was an autumn day, the scenery around us was quite nice with all the fallen leaves.  They weren’t colourful anymore, but the fallen leaves sure made it a very comfortable environment to do some climbing.  It had just rained the night before so it was a little cool in temperature.  It made for a very cool and relaxing atmosphere.

Since there was so many of us, we actually went over the three-hour limit.  I don’t think the staff was very impressed, especially one of the ladies who hurried us up a little towards the last course because we were running over time.

The rain the night before made for some slipperiness

This one was the hardest one. You had to swing across the tree to “slam” into the net and then scramble your way to that ledge XD

The last few obstacles in the last course weren’t particularly difficult; they were just very long. This one was long!

It’s not until you get to the middle of the bridge that you feel it’s really scary

Wet leaves

I think treetop trekking is definitely a great activity for team building and strengthening your core.  The next day, so many of us had sore upper arms!  I wonder when will be my next treetop trekking excursion? 🙂

Until next time! 🙂

*Thank you Jason for letting me use his phone to take pictures while we were up there — 99% of these photos are his.  I didn’t have a pocket in my jacket so it would have been really risky for me to even try to bring it with me.  Next time for treetop trekking, I need to wear a jacket that has a big pocket for my phone or bring one of those waterproof wallet holders that you hang around your neck. XD

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6 Responses to Treetop Trekking at Treetop Eco-Adventure Park in Oshawa!

  1. gchan7127 says:

    I really like the message you’re spreading!! Believe in yourself and everyone has their own pace. ❤

    • stenoodie says:

      Thank you, Grace! Completing the treetop trekking course is like anything challenging in life — keep at it, don’t worry about other people, stay focused, and you will see success :).

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