Wooffles and Ice Cream Parfait at Wooffles & Cream! [Relocated]

Located at 8360 Kennedy Road, Unit 81 (New Kennedy Square) in Markham

Remember last week when I blogged about and took pictures of a newly opened dessert shop called Wooffles & Cream at New Kennedy Square in Markham?  Well, they are officially open now (since July 8), and I got the chance to visit them to try their creations again in full size form!

Wooffles & Cream has been a huge success so far from the looks of it because they sold out several times over this weekend.  Mabel, one of the co-owners, had to go out to get more ingredients to make their Wooffles even though they had made 3 times the batch they usually make!  They are exploding on social media with lots of customers taking pictures of their beautiful Wooffles and sharing it with friends.

Wooffles & Cream is officially open! Look at their beautiful logo! 🙂

Their menu as of mid-July

I got the chance to visit them again on a Sunday afternoon and was pleasantly surprised to find that they were sold out indeed once again!  They were out of their Wooffles and Matchazuki so I tried their Mango ‘n’ Pineapple Parfait instead.

Their parfaits are made with their soft serve vanilla ice cream on a bed of crisp corn flakes, actual chunks of mango and pineapple pieces with juice (none of that canned stuff), and topped with more crunchy corn flakes.  It is a beauty to behold and even more fun to eat!

The parfait is so good because the mango chunks are so tasty and fresh.  I also really like the sudden crunches of corn flakes as you scoop in more cold ice cream to eat. 🙂

Mango ‘n’ Pineapple Parfait Cup. $6.50

I also got a sample of their green tea ice cream!  Yum!  I really love their green tea ice cream because it’s so smooth and milky.  It tastes really good and is absolutely perfect on a hot summer day!

A sampling of their Matcha Green Tea Soft Serve Ice Cream. It is topped with corn flakes

A sampling of their Matcha Green Tea Soft Serve Ice Cream without corn flakes — yum!

Parfait & Soft Serve :9

Fast forward a day later and I visited Wooffles & Cream again.  I really wanted to try the infamous Lap Cheong ‘n’ Seaweed Specialty Wooffle again and the Matchazuki!  Yay!  They had sold out of Wooffles and had just made a fresh batch when I arrived so I was so happy to get to try them.  I also ordered the Mango Jello Soda. 😀

I only had to wait a few minutes and my Lap Cheong ‘n’ Seaweed Wooffle was done.  Oh, my gosh.  What a beauty.  Take a look at this!  It is huge! 😀

Each “bubble” of the Hong Kong-style egg waffle is infused with bits of Chinese sausage (called “lap cheong” in Cantonese) and dry seaweed.  It is so unique and innovative!

I asked for the Wooffle to be done together with the Parfait so I could photograph it and share what it looks like.  The Matchazuki parfait contains not only green tea ice cream but also homemade tong yuen, red bean, and corn flakes.

Lap Cheong ‘n’ Seaweed Wooffle + Matchazuki parfait 
$4.50 + $7.50

After the photoshoots, it was time to eat it!  We pinched off bubbles of the Wooffle and salivated at how delicious it was to eat each bubble.  It contained a strong flavour of the lap cheong but paired so nicely with the eggy Wooffle.  Delicious!  I couldn’t get enough of it and we finished the Wooffle so quickly.  I also liked the big flakes of seaweed that sometimes popped its head out when you pulled off a piece to eat.

There is a piece of Chinese sausage (lap cheong) and seaweed in nearly every bubble! 😀

The Matchazuki was also great!  The green tea ice cream was smooth and creamy, the tong yuen was chewy, the red bean was a nice texture to the dessert, and the corn flakes were crispy.  It is a big adventure for your taste buds because there is so much happening all at once!  Salty and sweet Wooffle, crunchy corn flakes, mushy red beans, chewy tong yuen, cold ice cream, warm Wooffle — all amazing in one combination!

Mango ‘n’ Jello Soda. $3.50

The Mango ‘n’ Jello Soda was also very good.  The soda was very refreshing and had a lot of fizz in it that kept it refreshing.  It came in a big cup too with a thick straw.  What I loved the most was the mango flavour because it was so strong that it was like you were drinking the juice of a freshly ripened mango.  The jello bits were also a good addition to the taste buds.

After all this, since the Wooffle was SO good, we decided on ordering some more.  I hadn’t tried their Black ‘n’ White Sesame Wooffle yet and my mom didn’t try the Blueberry Cheesecake parfait yet.  So, it was decided that these two would be combined into a cup again for the full effect.  Yay! 😀

The Black ‘n’ White Sesame Wooffle is very good because each bubble contains some black and white sesame seeds.  It is not as flavourful as the Lap Cheong ‘n’ Seaweed one for sure, but this Wooffle is very fragrant and delicious in a simple way.  You can really taste the sesame seeds in the Wooffle.  It is so fresh!

Black ‘n’ White Sesame Wooffle + Blueberry Cheesecake Parfait 
$3.50 + $6.50

Another look of this huge Wooffle & Cream in my hands

The Blueberry Cheesecake parfait was also topped, sectioned off, and on a bed of corn flakes.  (This means that as you are eating the parfait, you will always get some crispy corn flakes — the corn flakes wouldn’t be all finished from the top, for example.  Great idea!) I love their blueberry cheesecake because of how smooth and creamy it is.  The blueberry sauce is also made from scratch with real blueberries and tastes so fresh and delicious.  Another great dessert! 🙂

We also tried the Kumquat Lemon Soda.  This one had an extremely refreshing feel to it.  It is a great drink to get on a hot summer day after you’ve had too many meats since the lemon in it helps you to digest and the kumquat helps you stay hydrated and refreshed.  I was impressed with how lemon-y the soda was.  This soda was familiar to the Mango ‘n’ Pineapple one where it also has a lot of fizz — fun to drink!

Kumquat Lemon Soda. $3.50

Two of their three sodas
I tried their Grape ‘n’ Jello Soda last time. It was good!

Yay! Wooffles & Cream 🙂

Alas, that concludes my review of Wooffles & Cream in their opening week.  Congratulations to them and I wish them continued success!!  I can’t wait to try their future creations as Ka Yan and Mabel are already brainstorming and thinking of what they can add to their menu.  Ah, can’t wait!  Go try them out!  Go, go, go! 😛

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