Revisiting Bang Bang Ice Cream

Located at 93 1/2 Ossington Avenue in Toronto

The very first time I was here at Bang Bang Ice Cream was actually over a year ago when it first opened up in Toronto!  We stumbled across it after our visit to my first TUM foodie adventure and one of our friends smelled cookie dough or ice cream as we were walking down Ossington.  We realized that it was Bang Bang Ice Cream’s first operating days and stopped in for some delicious ice cream sandwiches.  

Since then, I’ve heard a lot about Bang Bang Ice Cream and how it’s become very popular.  I was so pleased that we were one of the first to try their ice cream sandwiches a year ago!

Waiting in line

This time, after a Malaysian dinner at Soos, we simply walked across the street and lined up.  Unlike our very first visit where there was no line-up, now I hear that there are always constant line-ups at Bang Bang.  What a difference a year makes!

Their display counter still looks the same!

But now, they have a new addition of serving ice cream — in HK style waffles! 😀

The cookies are the same

It was raining but luckily we only waited around 5-10 minutes in line to place our order.  I heard that Bang Bang also serves their ice cream in HK-style waffles so that was number one on my list to try.  I could choose two flavours of ice cream to try with my HK-style waffle cone so I chose avocado and matcha ice cream.

Soooo many flavours!
-“Thank you very matcha” and Avocado were mine

Unfortunately, on this visit, one of their machines was down so the person placing the orders informed me that it would be a 10-15 minute wait.  I barely come down to Ossington Ave. area so even though it was a long-ish wait, I was willing to wait for it.

Waiting for the waffles

The others chose ice cream and ice cream sandwiches to share since we already had a big dinner.  I waited patiently for my order and watched the guy make the HK-style waffles behind the counter.  It definitely was a 10-15 minute wait and I was started to get impatient.

Jessica and Victor shared this ice cream sandwich! Half option

Avocado and Matcha HK Style Waffle Cone!

When I finally received my HK-style waffle with two flavours of ice cream, I was excited to try!  Yay!  The avocado ice cream was amazingly smooth and tasted like avocado for sure.  It was so unique!  The matcha ice cream was pretty good too but not very strong.  The HK style waffle bubbles were a little crunchy, but since I have had the ones from Wooffles & Cream, I definitely say that the Wooffles are better and crunchier.  Nevertheless, I was so happy to be able to try this!  I liked how the ice cream reached the bottom of the HK-style waffle cone perfectly so that nothing dripped out.  Yay!

A lot of people were still in line by the time we left.  Have you had a chance to try Bang Bang Ice Cream yet? 🙂

I cut off the Bang Bang part XD

Bang Bang Ice Cream Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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  1. andy1076 says:

    Wow that looks like heaven! yummy woofle for sure 🙂

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