Soft Opening at Wooffles & Cream! [Relocated]

Located at 8360 Kennedy Rd. Unit 81 in Markham

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending the soft opening launch of a new waffles and ice cream shop called Wooffles & Cream.  It is located in the food court at New Kennedy Square in Markham (Kennedy Rd. & Highway 7).  

Mabel and Ka Yan are the founders of Wooffles & Cream!  They gathered ideas from travelling in Hong Kong and Japan to come up with some of their creations.   They serve Asian-inspired flavours of ice cream and unique sweet and savory Hong Kong style egg waffles!  Since it was a soft launch, I got to try some samples of the creations that they will be serving. 🙂

I love their business cards! They’re square-shaped! 😀

Their temporary menu for the soft launch. It will be fine-tuned and more detailed come July 8 for their grand opening!

A sampling of their matcha soft serve ice cream in a little cone 🙂

First, I tried a sample of their matcha soft serve ice cream.  You can get it either in a waffle cone or a cup, but since I was here to try a bunch of their desserts, they were kind enough to give me a little sample in the cutest tiny cone so I would have space for more food.  Their soft serve ice cream is really refreshing and cold and perfect for a hot summer’s day!  They are perfecting their matcha soft serve to include more green tea flavour. 🙂

Next up, I got to try their Blueberry Cheesecake Parfait!  Yay!  Again, since this was a soft launch, the portion shown is only a sample size.  The vanilla ice cream was actually really good and light.  You don’t feel too full after eating it.  There were chunks of blueberry cheesecake and I loved how smooth and dense the cheesecake was.  It was quite cheesy, something I love in a rich cheesecake.  ^_^ Best of all, it is all homemade too!  The blueberry sauce was nice and rich too.  Yum!  I really liked this dessert. 😀  Oh, and it had really crunchy and crispy baked corn flakes at the bottom which gave it a really nice touch!

A sample of their Blueberry Cheesecake Parfait 🙂

Co-founder Ka Yan having a good time flipping the wooffles 🙂

The next two items are definitely unique!  You know how when you are in Hong Kong or in Asian malls like Pacific Mall, you get to try these really cool sweets where waffles are made in a casing that makes it look like little bubbles that you can pop off and eat?  These Hong Kong style egg waffles are re-styled and re-invented in a new way here at Wooffles & Cream.

Instead of just plain HK style egg waffles (they do offer them), you can also get them with savory or sweet stuffing inside!  They are called “wooffles”.  Hence, the name of their shop. 🙂  You can choose from Cookies ‘n Cream, Chinese Sausage with Seaweed, or Chocolate Chips with Crushed Peanuts so far.  Yum!

The making of a Chinese Sausage & Seaweed Egg Wooffle

I got to try the Chinese Sausage with Seaweed Wooffle (Chinese sausage is also known as “lap cheong” in Cantonese) and the Cookies ‘n Cream Wooffle (they also put some chocolate chips into this one).  It was so unique!

Chinese Sausage & Seaweed Egg Wooffle

I definitely liked the Chinese Sausage with Seaweed Wooffle.  It was so unique because each bubble contained some Chinese sausage.  It was kind of a sweet and salty kind of snack but unique because I’ve never tried something like this before.  Yum!

Cookies ‘n Cream Wooffle

The Cookies ‘n Cream Wooffle with chocolate chips was tasty too and a really good snack!  I would have loved even more chocolate in there and I shared that recommendation with them. 🙂

A sampling of their Black Currant Soda

Last of all, I also got to try a sample of their Black Currant Soda.  They will have many flavours of soda available soon but for their soft launch, this was a refreshing drink.  It is bubbly and tasted very strongly of black currant!  I also liked the grape jelly that was inside the drink.

I left their shop feeling quite full on snacks and sweets.  I can’t wait until they open this Wednesday, July 8 for their grand opening!  Be sure to visit them as they are anticipating many customers already!  They are inside the food court at New Kennedy Square in Markham.  You can’t miss their unit!  It is right beside the stage. 🙂

Located in the food court at New Kennedy Square — their store sign coming soon!

Follow them on instagram and on facebook! 🙂

I love their logo design 🙂

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They are now officially open!  You can read their latest menu and blog post of my visit to Wooffles & Cream again here.


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5 Responses to Soft Opening at Wooffles & Cream! [Relocated]

  1. gchan7127 says:

    Ohhh Karen!! The Wooffles look so delicious! I wanna try it now! Haha. You always make me hungry.

    I wanna try so many places because of you!

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  3. litadoolan says:

    Matcha ice cream sounds delicious

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