Amazing Chicken Katsu Burger at Fat Ninja Bite

Fat Ninja Bite chicken burger

Fat Ninja Bite located at 3517 Kennedy Road, Unit 1 at Scarborough

Thanks to winning a contest that was hosted by Katie of on instagram, I was able to try out Fat Ninja Bite for the first time with my friend, Betty!  Fat Ninja Bite has only opened for five months but I’ve seen their monstrous and delicious-looking burgers all over my Instagram feed in the last little while with many people raving about how good their chicken katsu burgers were that I was super curious and desired to try them out badly.  Thus, I was so excited to win this opportunity to try them out finally! ^_^

Fat Ninja Bite is open every day for lunch and dinner and closed on Tuesdays.  They are located on Kennedy Road near Steeles Avenue, at the corner where the Petro gas station is and also conveniently located across from Pacific Mall.  You can’t miss it!  However, when you go there, you will have to try your luck at getting a parking spot because their parking lot is very tiny (unless of course you are walking or taking public transit to get there)!  During the busy lunch or dinner hours, you may want to just park across the street at Pacific Mall’s parking lot and walk over.  In fact, this is what Betty had to do because when she arrived, there were no more spots left.

Fat Ninja Bite interior

Clean and bright interior

I arrived at 1 p.m. first and like others have noted in online reviews, there are only eight spots for dine-in at a long table with stools facing the parking lot.  However, the space inside was very bright, clean, and spacious.  Immediately when I walked in, Sunny, the owner/staff of the establishment welcomed me with a cheery “Hi!”  I was waiting for Betty to arrive though and watched as many other customers strolled inside the restaurant to order lunch.

Fat Ninja Bite menu

Menu at the restaurant

When Betty arrived, I introduced myself to Sunny and we ordered a Chicken Katsu Burger (dark meat), Don (pork) Katsu Stir Fried Noodles, and two packages of their Taro Chips.  The meal that I won on Instagram covered the two dishes and two desserts (which we got later).  The bag of Taro Chips was much talked about on instagram and was $3 per bag.  To my knowledge, I believe that when Fat Ninja Bite first opened, the Taro Chips came as a side with the burger but I guess as time went on and they realized how popular their Taro Chips were (you can even get them catered), they decided to sell them separately on the side.  It was worth it though.

Fat Ninja Bite menu and catering

Take-out menu and catering

After we placed our order, we sat down to wait.  The Taro Chips were thinly sliced taro and sprinkled with pink Himalayan sea salt and seasoned with nori (apparently that’s what the other reviewers have said) XD.  They were quite good (and addicting)!

Taro Chips

Taro Chips. $3

Chicken Katsu Burger

Chicken Katsu Burger. $8.99
-lettuce, tomato, pickles, cabbage and side of coleslaw

When our Chicken Katsu Burger was ready, we definitely took a lot of photos.  Long story stort but this was definitely the best Chicken Katsu Burger that I’ve ever had.  The Chicken Katsu was breaded lightly and fried perfectly to a crisp yet its meat was so tender and juicy and perfectly flavoured.  It was amazing.  The Chicken Katsu, as you can see from the photo, was so large that it extended beyond the size of the burger and across the table.  It was monstrous for sure!  This Chicken Katsu Burger came with lettuce, tomato, pickles, and cabbage and there was a side of coleslaw on the side.  It tasted so good with these toppings and the sauce was the perfect amount too.  The coleslaw was very crunchy and fresh with just the right amount of tarty dressing.  Again, all around amazing!

Chicken Katsu Burger

You can see the side of coleslaw there

Don Katsu Stir Fried Noodles

Don Katsu Stir Fried Noodles. $9.99

The Don Katsu Stir Fried Noodles (you could order this in soup too) contained a plate of Don Katsu and a rectangular container of stir fried udon with vegetables (carrots and cabbage).  The Don Katsu was also perfectly breaded and fried here but I thought that the chicken katsu tasted better in terms of being more smooth and tender.  The pork was a little more coarse for me but I still thought it was one of the better katsus out there.  To my surprise, the stir fried udon was also really tasty.  Although it looked so ordinary, the udon noodles were smooth and firm and had just enough sauce to cover each strand and the veggies.  It was a good portion as well.

Don Katsu

Don Katsu as part of the Stir Fried Noodles

We came hungry so we definitely finished everything even though the portions were so generous.  I believe that if I had arrived any other day, I might not have finished everything by myself.

Sweet Potato Soft Serve Parfait

Sweet Potato Soft Serve Parfait. $5.50

For dessert, the flavour of the day was sweet potato soft serve so once it was prepared, Sunny brought the dessert out to us.  It was a Sweet Potato Soft Serve Parfait that looked so nice with perfectly swirled soft serve ice cream, copious amounts of Rice Krispies on the bottom, and matcha and chocolate Pocky sticks to top it off.

The texture, look, and consistency of the soft serve reminded me of the soft serve at Wooffles & Cream being that it was very smooth, didn’t melt easily, and tasted very creamy.  There was a little bit of sweet potato flavour but not very strong.  We thought it tasted a little vanilla-y too.  However, I really still really enjoyed it.  I liked the ice cream’s smoothness, creaminess, and slight sweetness.  The Rice Krispies at the bottom of the cup were a wonderful addition of crunchiness to the dessert too.  Overall, a really satisfying dessert! 🙂

Sweet Potato Soft Serve Parfait

Beautiful swirl and lots of Rice Krispies at the bottom of the cup

Again, I have to thank Katie for hosting the instagram contest that enabled me to win it by chance and also thank Sunny and the staff at Fat Ninja Bite for providing us with such a warm hospitable experience and delicious meal! ^_^ ❤  (Sunny showed attention to her guests by coming out to personally ask us how the food was.  We really appreciated that.)  I know I’ll be back again sometime to try more of their menu and eat that Chicken Katsu Burger again.

Some more photos from my visit:

I loved this Panda Tip Jar!  I’ve only seen this online so when I saw this on their counter, I knew I had to tip something to see the panda in action. XD  Watch the video to see it take my money. XD

Panda Tip Jar

Panda Tip Jar

Panda Tip Jar

It comes out to take your coin when you press on the white button XD

take-out burgers

Sunny serving a customer take-out burgers. Yummy!

 Fat Ninja Bite interior

One last photo before I left. The male staff was very friendly and smiley 🙂

 Fat Ninja Bite exterior

Fat Ninja Bite located on the corner of Kennedy and Steeles in Scarborough

FTC Disclaimer:  Although Fat Ninja Bite provided the majority of the meal free of charge via winning an online contest, the opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of the contest holder or company.

Fat Ninja Bite Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. So awesome and glad you got to experience Fat Ninja Bite! They’re one of my fave spots in town definitely best Katsu burger!

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