Las Vegas Eats 2015: Sea: The Thai Experience

Located at 3645 S Las Vegas Boulevard (Ballys Hotel) in Las Vegas

We are finally at the end of the Las Vegas Eats 2015 blog series.  On the last night of Vegas, we went to Sea: The Thai Experience to eat dinner before we rushed off to the airport to fly back home to Toronto.  I mean this as we were literally rushing to finish dinner in order to finalize packing our luggage in the hotel room, line up and wait for the airport shuttle to take us to LAS (McCarran International Airport), get checked in and then on to the direct flight home.

Due to limited time constraints (about an hour or so from us finishing meeting after meeting on the last day of the Las Vegas Bootcamp to having to leave), it made sense and was ideal for us to eat at a casual place that wouldn’t take long for the food to arrive (minimal ambiance) and low-key.  I wasn’t even that hungry and just wanted something quick so we could be on our way.  Unfortunately, one partner of ours was super adamant about eating at this particular restaurant when we passed by it and it seemed like nothing would change their mind, so we hesitantly sat down and ordered a bunch of dishes to share.  (Half of our tablemates wasn’t here yet and until I called them to let them know that we had a table and already had ordered dishes, they were actually on their way to another restaurant — what the heck?!  But upon hearing that we already ordered food, they ended up coming too.)  Oh, memories.

The entrance from inside Ballys Hotel is a little off to the side and hard to spot

We rushed the kitchen and told them we had to be out of there ASAP.  The kitchen did their due diligence to help us out.

It was so nice inside! However, this type of ambiance makes for bad food photography — low light

Sea: The Thai Experience is a Thai restaurant in the Ballys Hotel.  It’s very nice inside and the ambiance is beautiful.  It’s a great date place actually.  This wasn’t what some of us had in mind for our supposedly-fast dinner before we had to leave to the airport.  Alas, we still enjoyed the food.

This is what we had:

Coconut Crusted Shrimp. $15
-toasted coconut, ginger, lime, plum dip

The coconut crusted shrimp was made with real toasted coconut and smelled so good.  However, even though it was tasty, there were only a few shrimps on the plate so not everyone was able to try this.

Malay Massaman Curry (with Chicken). $22
-voted 1 of top 10 foods from CNN: Thick mild curry, onion, peanuts, potato

This Malay Massaman Curry was so thick and well flavoured!!  Really impressive.  We ordered a bowl of white rice to go with it (the bowl of rice was pricey).

Pineapple Fried Rice (with Beef). $21
-egg, carrots, scallion, cashew, nuts

This pineapple fried rice was really, really tasty!!  However, by the time we split it up, there weren’t much left for seconds.

Pad Thai (with Tofu). $21
– rice noodle, egg, peanut, scallion, sprouts

I liked how the pad Thai noodles in this were very fine and thin.  It was pretty good.

Holy Basil Seafood Combo. $28
-steamed tilapia, shrimp, scallops, squid, mussel, spicy basil sauce

I wasn’t a huge fan of this dish.  The name itself is so creative since it uses spicy basil sauce, but in terms of portion, it is small and doesn’t contain enough seafood.

Spicy Prik King (with Beef). $21
-sauteed green bean, Thai style chili paste, green peppercorn

Wow, this was SO spicy!  I usually can take spicy food but the way the Thai style chili paste stuck to every strand of the green beans made it super difficult to eat without some rice.

Original Chicken Tom Ka (bowl). $16
-mushroom, galangal, onion, baby corn, coconut milk

This Chicken Tom Ka soup was SO good!  The coconut milk was very strong inthis dish and it was so smooth!  Even though the soup itself was a little thin, the flavour made up for everything. 😀

All in all, the dishes, while tasting authentic and good, were on the small side.  At one point, we were a little fearful that we had ordered too much, but once everything arrived, it didn’t seem like everything was enough to fill all 7 of us up.  Also, I thought that the price was fairly high for the amount of food that we got.  Alas, it was an experience and I’m glad that we got to try this restaurant out.

The portion of the dishes are good for 4-5 people to share, but not more than 6

In the end, we had enough time to finish eating, return to the hotel to finalize our luggage, and get to the airport shuttle and airport.  Again, it was an experience to be remembered.

SEA - The Thai Experience Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. andy1076 says:

    That’s a bit of a sad trend isn’t it? food portions have gone smaller, but thank goodness taste and consistency hasn’t been affected too much 🙂

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