Covernotes Tea and Coffee House

Located at 10268 Yonge Street in Richmond Hill

Simone and I went to a local tea and coffee house today for a small catch-up over lunch!  I found Covernotes Tea and Coffee House when I was searching up places that offered at least salads or smoothies online. Covernotes Tea and Coffee House resides on Yonge St. north of Major Mac where you see lots of restaurants and local shops.  Citro Italian and Shogun Sushi are among the ones in this area.

The exterior of Covernotes is unassuming.  It is just a brick house that looks like a school with no sign or decor that makes it resemble any sort of cafe or tea house (it actually did used to be a high school!).

A very modern and new building

Walking in, you immediately see shelves upon shelves of books and a long counter where you can order coffee, tea, sandwiches, crepes, baked goods, and other light snacks.

The space is large and inviting — do they really need this big of a counter? Lol

Simone had already ordered a white peach tea and took a seat at a table in one of the backrooms.  I ordered a Creme de Caramel Roobios Tea and the Gatsby Crepe for lunch.

I took the hot tea to my seat (after browsing the tea-filled shelf) and a server later brought the crepe over to our table.

Different types of loose leaf tea for your perusal!

Red Rooibos Tea (caffeine-free)

This is a space that resembles a library a lot and is very quiet for small talk, studying, or lounging.  Naturally, they have free wifi :).  There are hundreds of books that you can choose from, from children’s fiction to teen to adult.

The Creme de Caramel Roobios Tea was a little sweet but tasted great.  I don’t think I’ve had this type of tea before and I quite enjoyed it!

Creme de Caramel Roobios Tea. $2.95

The Gatsby Crepe contained fresh diced tomatoes, spinach, ham, egg, green onions, and cheddar.  It was quite large and nicely made!  All the ingredients were fresh and you could really taste the homemade feel of it.  I wish they added more cheddar to it.  It was a little plain for me.  The egg was also very thin and I could barely taste the flavour.  Also, for $10, I thought it was rather pricey.

The Gatsby Crepe. $10
-egg, cheddar, ham, tomato, green onion, spinach

Simone ordered a gluten-free and vegan banana bread.  For $4, it was quite small. She told me that she really appreciated how it was freshly made and catered to her vegan preference since the kitchen was making it fresh just as Simone walked into the cafe.

Banana bread (with peach & coconut). $4~
-gluten-free, vegan

We both thought it was just okay and lacked actual banana bread flavour.  Their banana bread also contained peach and coconut slivers which was unique.

I think that Covernotes is a nice spot to have a hot drink with a friend and a light snack or two.  It’s really quiet and reserved!  A hidden cafe.

I LOVE this! It looks like a scene from a movie. This colour scheme is gorgeous

Elephant teapot

It’s a nondescript brick building. They should put some patio chairs and tables out front

Covernotes Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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6 Responses to Covernotes Tea and Coffee House

  1. andy1076 says:

    Creme de Caramel Roobios tea, Great choice Karen! I love that tea, But yeah $10 is a little steep, for that price I would expect a little bit more filled :-\

  2. gchan7127 says:

    It looks so awesome!! So people can just take the books and read? What if they don’t return it? =/ I wouldn’t trust leaving my books out on a shelf for anyone to read.

    • stenoodie says:

      Lol, that’s a good question! I didn’t even think about that. I think it’s an honour system. Maybe because this cafe is located in Richmond Hill and in a rather nice area that they never thought about people stealing these books at all lol.

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