Lunch at Me Va Me (new Markham location)

Located at 169 Enterprise Blvd in Markham

The first time I’ve had Me Va Me was at their Bathurst and Steeles location in North York when my friend Marilyn brought me there many years ago.  It was a take-out location with a few tables for you to sit and I remember liking their food that time.  Fast forward to today and they have recently opened up a location at the new Cineplex Cinemas Markham & VIP!  (I was here recently for the new South St. Burger too.)

This location of Me Va Me is gorgeous!  It’s designed with a sleek modern look and it’s perfect for a quick solo lunch, with a co-worker or two, or even a casual gathering with a small group of friends.  They have tables of all sizes there.  Me Va Me serves Mediterranean food with fresh ingredients for falafels, shawarmas, lamb burgers, wraps, and more.  They also have a Grab and Go section.

Gorgeous and modern design

Made fresh to order food!

So clean

Jessica has been here a few times before and just before she takes off to Niagara region to study for the upcoming school year, we came here for lunch to have a catch-up.  I ordered the 1/2 Laffa Wrap and chose the Chicken Shawarma option (it reminds me of the recent delicious shawarma I had at Ibrahim BBQ).  This option came with a soup or salad.  We both chose the mushroom broccoli soup.  When asked if I wanted to add $1 to my meal to have their fresh kettle chips, I couldn’t resist trying something new, so I said yes.  It was a really good lunch for around 12 bucks!

Filling and sauce options

Made in front of you!

Taboon clay ovens! Never seen anything like this before

Trackers for your food servers

After placing our order at the counter, we received an electronic tracker where when you place it on your table, a server will deliver your food to your table when it’s ready (like at Panera Bread).  I absolutely loved the environment here at Me Va Me.  The couches are so comfortable and the entire space is so spacious — high ceilings too!

Within 5 minutes or so, we had two servers deliver our lunches to us.  Everything is simple yet classy, even for a 12-buck lunch.  I really appreciated how the manager came out to ask us how the food was and another two more times by some of the staff.  Their service is impeccable here!

We both got the same wrap and soup 🙂

Fresh kettle chips for $1 more

I was so excited to try the kettle chips and shawarma.  I ripped open the paper bag that the fresh kettle chips were in and was pleasantly surprised to see large slices of chips.  They were real fresh kettle chips; nothing like store-bought ones.  Each one was very crispy yet thick and also lightly salted.  I really enjoyed these!




Vegetable Soup of the Day — Mushroom Broccoli

The mushroom broccoli soup is one of their picks for the vegetable soup of the day option.  It was quite thin but contained many slices of mushroom and you could see the broccoli florets in the soup.  Although I really like creamy soup (especially when it comes to broccoli or mushroom [with cream]), I really appreciated this one too because it was light and there was a lot of it — the bowl was very big!  Also, I really liked the shape of their spoon (I know, random, but it was curved in a way that its deep groove could spoon a lot more soup than usual…).


1/2 Laffa Wrap: Chicken Shawarma. $9.95
-all fillings with creamy garlic & tzatziki sauce

The chicken shawarma 1/2 Laffa Wrap was gigantic!  Their wrap itself is the size of my face probably and it was so soft and doughy.  It was perfect!  You could choose what toppings you wanted on your wrap as well as the sauce.  I chose the tzatziki sauce and creamy garlic and all of the toppings they had (red cabbage, hummus, sliced tomatoes, turnips, salad mix, dill pickles, and onion herb mix).  It was so large but I was able to eat it with everything under control for the most part (not too messy).  I found that there was so many more veggies than actual chicken shawarma actually.  The chicken itself was very good and juicy.  I also liked how they put a lot of sauce on top of it.  Some people might not like it because it might be too runny for them, but it made the entire wrap juicy and not dry at all.

Jessica’s version with less fillings

I loved this atmosphere and environment.  I can’t wait to come back again because there’s no doubt in my mind that the rest of their food is also delicious and satisfying.  Yay, Markham foods! 😀

Love this place!

It’s part of the Cineplex Markham VIP & Theatres

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6 Responses to Lunch at Me Va Me (new Markham location)

  1. Angel says:

    The location on Bathurst and steeles is a full service restaurant now :p It’s still one of my favourite places to eat! I prefer going there over the new markham location.

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