Latin American Emporium

Latin American Emporium located at 243 Augusta Ave. in Toronto

This is a little spot called Latin American Emporium that you might not know about to dine at if a friend doesn’t recommend it to you.  I met Michelle for lunch on a Tuesday and she said that she had a little lunch place in mind that was very cheap and delicious, but it was definitely a hole in a wall.  I was curious and excited to try!  


What a cute little shop and restaurant! It looks bigger from the inside

We met each other at the corner of Augusta and College and walked through Kensington Market together to reach Latin American Emporium.  Indeed, I would never have thought to go inside this little store for lunch if I didn’t know about it.  From the outside, they sell lots of beans where you scoop them yourself and pay inside.  After you open the creaking door that slams closed very loudly after you every time it’s open, you head up a few steps where you see a small dining area with lots of stock and goods available for sale.  You keep walking and then you’ll be able to see a small counter and a menu that shows what they serve.


You order at the counter, receive a pay stub that you give to the lady in the kitchen at the back who will make your order, and then wait for your order to be called.  All of their items are very cheap and under five bucks.  I actually wasn’t sure how to order.  Michelle ordered three of the Revueltas (also called Pupusas which is a traditional Salvadoran dish that contains refried beans, cooked and seasoned pork meat, and cheese rolled in a thick, handmade corn tortilla).  I assumed they must be small portions otherwise why would you order three?  Because of that, I also ordered one Revuelta, one plantain empanada, and a chicken taco based on the recommendation of the lady that was behind the counter.

Pre-made food

This was definitely a unique experience and something that doesn’t resemble a restaurant setting at all.  The food was made fresh to order in the kitchen so we chatted a bit at the brown picnic tables before our food was ready.

Store and “dining room”

Simple tables and benches

It’s a really simple eatery, really, so don’t expect too much when you come here.  However, Michelle says that this is one of the best places for Latin American food that she’s ever been to, so I definitely was glad to be there to try it out.

Revuelta. $3 each
-refried beans, pork meat, cheese & served with salad and traditional sauces

Fried Taco/Flautitas pollo ($1.40) & Revuelta with salad

They give you plastic cutlery and you can order your own drink.  The Revuelta was a little difficult to cut at first but after a few bites, I really enjoyed it.  It was very simple and tasted completely “home-cooking”.  The refried beans inside of the shell was really good.  I really like refried beans.  This reminded me of comfort food too.

Plantain Empanada. $2.25

The chicken taco was a little hard on its exterior shell and I wish that there was more meat inside it.  It was still decent.

The plantain empanada was large.  It was like a big round egg!  It tasted very moist and soft and you could definitely taste the plantains.  It was good!

Since the items are so small in portion, you can actually order a lot more to try if you are here.  This little lunch was a good size but it didn’t fill me up.  I wouldn’t mind coming here to try more of their other selections! 🙂

You can order a lot to try!

Thanks Michelle for introducing me to this little gem! 🙂 Have you been here before?  Despite not many people talking about it, I know for a fact that many people actually come here for food and enjoy it.  What’s your opinion?

Emporium Latino Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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