Tacontento Mexican Food (Downsview Merchant’s Market)

After our two-hour rock climbing session, we headed to Tacontento Mexican Foods which is inside of the Downsview Merchant’s Market just two minutes away from True North Climbing, a highly rated and authentic Mexican food stall.  I don’t happen to eat Mexican cuisine often, but I was looking forward to eating something refreshing and light. 

We had been to the Downsview Merchant’s Market previously (after the 2018 Foodalicious Food Festival) but this was the first time I had eaten here.  The vast indoor market space has a large food court with vendors selling different cuisines of food.  There’s Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Ecuadorian, Jamaican, and more.  The prices are very affordable too and the place is always bustling with shops selling different items too.

The Tacontento Mexican Food stall is colourful and stands out as one of the stalls that has the most number of customers waiting in line.  It’s a very simple setup.  They don’t even have any menu up showing the names of dishes or prices.  I was actually very confused when lining up since I didn’t know what we could order.  They had a banner that showed a few names of items but no prices and it wasn’t easy to see with so many people standing in front of it as well.  All I could see that some customers had ordered tacos, so I decided to order that as well.

We ordered three chicken tacos for $10.50 with all the works.  It came out steaming hot on the paper plate (yay for environmentally friendly plates).  There was salsa, tomatoes, lettuce, sour cream and limes accompanying the chicken tacos.  The chicken meat was moist, soft, and not overly flavoured which made it taste like a home-cooked meal.  The corn tortilla skins were very soft.  The chicken meat was so hot that when I tried to lift one of the tacos, my fingers pierced a hole through the tortilla shell and also burned my fingers slightly.  I had to wait for the taco to cool before attempting to pick one up again to eat.  The tacos were delicious though and we finished the plate quickly.

We also got a $1 cup of homemade lemonade from the Saigon Quan Vietnamese Food stall and a $3 pork and cheese pupusa from the Pupuseria Delicias stall.

The homemade Vietnamese lemonade that I saw the girl scoop out from the pitcher was sweet and concentrated.

The pork and cheese pupusa was loaded up with some salad and red sauce.  The wet salad on top of the pupusa caused the crispy shell to become a bit soggy.  The pork and cheese combination was fairly good, but I’ve had better pupusas in the past (the most authentic one I’ve tried seems to be the one at Kensington Market).

I’m glad that we got to try this much-talked-about Mexican restaurant inside of the Downsview Merchant’s Market!

Tacontento Mexican Foods Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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