Füdi Meal #4: Southwest Chicken with Pearl Barley and Kale

Füdi Meal #4: Southwest Chicken with Pearl Barley and Kale

I’m getting better at this preparation and presentation cooking thing.  Yay!  For the fourth Füdi meal, the flavour was a “Southwest Chicken” with pearl barely and kale.  If you’ve been keeping up with my five-part series on this Fudi meal blog, you know that I’ve received this from Füdi Canada so that I can participate in a photo contest with other fellow top food bloggers.  

Füdi Canada provides a “high-end frozen dinner that is currently available at Whole Foods across the province, as well as select Foodland locations.  Füdi’s goal is to provide Canadians with easy-to-prepare meals that are nutritious, tasty, and hyper-convenient without compromising on the quality of ingredients used!”

What is inside one package:
-quarter chicken (thigh and leg, deboned and skinned), 1/4 cup of pearl barley, 1 cup of uncooked organic baby kale

Each frozen package includes a “quarter chicken (thigh and leg, deboned and skinned) sourced from Beretta Farms so it’s local, free-range, as well as antibiotic and hormone free; 1/4 cup of pearl barley sourced from Ottawa Valley Grain Products; and 1 cup of uncooked, Ontario (when available) organic baby kale that is field frozen and sourced from AJ Lanzarotta.”

“The chicken and barley are cooked sous-vide to lock in moisture and flavour as well as maintain the highest level of quality since sous-vide virtually eliminates the risks of contamination common with other packaged food products.  The meals go from freezer to plate in 15 minutes and require just a few minutes in a pot of boiling water to reheat (for the chicken and barley) and cook (for the kale) — So easy!”

For this one, I tried to present and plate the chicken, barley, and kale a little differently from my first three dishes.  Here’s what I came up with:

A perfect portion for one person

Yum! Flavour is infused into the kale and pearl barley

I liked the taste of this Southwest Chicken.  It wasn’t spicy and it went well with the pearl barley and kale.

When the light hits the plate

Tune in soon for my final installment of the Füdi meal series! 🙂

FTC Disclaimer:  Although Füdi Canada reached out and provided me with a complimentary package for review and to participate in a contest, the opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of the company.



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