ABC Bakery Coffee Shop in North York

ABC Bakery Coffee Shop located at 3618 Victoria Park Avenue in North York

I didn’t know that this Chinese bakery existed!  ABC Bakery Coffee Shop not only serves Chinese buns and the regular tarts and pastries, but they also have early morning breakfast and lunch combos.  They are also famously known among the Chinese community for their fresh and delicious egg tarts!  We have started meeting up here for our “round table” breakfast meetings.  ABC Bakery is located in a plaza near Victoria Park and Steeles in North York.  On this visit, I ordered from their breakfast menu.  I got Combo E which included a plate of ham and assorted vegetables omelette with two sausages and toast.

There are a lot of tables for you to sit and they even have free wifi!  I placed my order at the counter.  The combo came with a drink too!  After several minutes, my breakfast combo was delivered to me by one of the ladies that was working there.

Breakfast Special menus

Breakfast Special E: Sausage & Ham Omelette. Includes tea or coffee. $3.99

I was actually very impressed with the presentation of the breakfast!  The two sausages were brightly coloured, the toast was crunchy and crisp, and the omelette was a half-moon shape and nicely folded over with a big load of sliced ham and frozen vegetables (carrots, peas).  It looked amazing!  To be honest, it looked even better than the breakfast that I’ve had at Coras’s recently.

I was so excited to dig in.  The sausages and omelette were steaming hot and fresh!  This meal definitely filled me up. 😀   Did I mention that all this was only $3.99 too?!  What a steal for a really good breakfast!


Two egg tarts to go. $1.80

Before I left, I also ordered two of their well-known egg tarts.  After I posted my photo on instagram, a lot of fellow foodies mentioned their egg tarts so I was glad that I had bought some to take home with me.  Apparently they are so well known that this is a huge favourite that some people have been coming back for many years.

After I got home, I heated them up in the oven for me and my mom to enjoy.  I definitely really enjoyed the dense eggy centre of the tart.  The edges of the tart were kind of cookie crust and not the flakey crust.  I like the cookie crusts! 🙂

It’s hidden away in a small plaza on Victoria Park Ave near Gordon Baker Road

If you haven’t checked out this place yet, do go try!  Sometimes you have to wonder why the prices for a cafe or restaurant are so cheap (perhaps they use subpar ingredients?), but for the most part, the food here was over average and tasted great.  It’s a rather older establishment, so don’t expect everything to be spotless! 🙂


It’s not a big cafe and definitely no frills but a lot of locals come here

Breakfast Special G: Preserved vegetable and pork with vermicelli in soup. Includes tea or coffee. $2.99

I returned back to ABC Bakery Coffee Shop for their breakfast and lunch!  Yay!  This time for breakfast, I had their Combo G of preserved vegetable and pork with vermicelli in soup.  It actually arrived with very little soup in the bowl so you have to make sure that you eat even more quickly than usual because the vermicelli will continue to suck up the soup.  This one was quite moderate and wasn’t the most tastiest.




House special fried vermicelli

On another visit, I came with Grace and we had lunch here!  It’s a good spot for lunch too because they have a lot of options for rice, noodles, noodle soups, and more!  On this visit, we both chose the house special fried vermicelli which came with scrambled eggs, mushrooms, shrimps, bean sprouts, and other veggies.  Grace is allergic to seafood so her dish was requested to have the shrimps taken out.  This vermicelli was just okay too.  It wasn’t spectacularly delicious or anything.  It was a little disappointing because I had such high expectations after that first visit (and I was so impressed too).  However, it was a cheap lunch so sometimes you can’t expect too much.

Same vermicelli dish sans shrimp

Egg tart. $0.90

On yet another visit, I ordered just their egg tarts.  It’s so cute how they give it to you on a plate with a small spoon.  It’s almost like you’re eating a quiche.  It was warm and the egg tart was so moist and delicious.  Yum!  I wouldn’t mind having more of these! ^_^



More visits:

Breakfast Specials at ABC Bakery Cafe Coffee Shop:

Breakfast Special C: Satay Beef Vermicelli & Egg Sandwich with Tea or Coffee. $3.99

This Satay Beef Vermicelli dish was a little skimpy and I wouldn’t exactly call it a “satay beef” dish because there wasn’t any satay sauce in it.  It was a decent breakfast for $4 but if you are a type that likes to eat a big portion to be full, you might find that this is not enough for you.  The egg sandwich is decent.





Breakfast Special J: Pork Chop Instant Noodle & Egg Sandwich with Tea or Coffee. $4.99

This breakfast special combo is one of the “pricier” ones on the menu simply because it is above the $4.50 mark (while everything else is between $2 or $4).  I was looking forward to trying this one, but was quite disappointed because I found that the instant noodle was very “hard” and didn’t seem fully cooked.  The texture wasn’t tasty at all and made the instant noodles taste quite unsatisfying….  The pork chop was a little fatty too and wasn’t completely tasty either.

After this order with the instant noodle, I might not order this one again.


Plain Congee & Bean Sprout Fried Noodle

Breakfast Special D: Plain Congee & Bean Sprout Fried Noodle. $2.99

This breakfast special is one of the cheapest ones on the menu.  After tax, this only cost me $3.15!  So cheap!  It was a good choice if you want something very simple.  There’s nothing as simple or plain as plain congee.  I liked the bean sprout fried noodle actually and the plain congee was a great contrast in flavour.  This was a very good deal.

Unlike the other breakfast specials though, this one doesn’t include tea or coffee.  (You can also add $1.25 to change the plain congee into chicken, beef, or preserved egg congee too.)

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  1. plaridel says:

    good find. it just happens i love egg tarts. 🙂

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