Chef’s Plate: Asian Chicken Paillard

Asian Chicken Paillard with Candy Striped Beets, Romaine Lettuce, and Tamari Dressing

This is one of the easiest Chef’s Plate recipes I have ever made!  It’s either that this one is particularly easy and hassle-free or that I’ve made seven different dishes from Chef’s Plate now that I kind of know the drill.

This dish, Asian Chicken Paillard with candy striped beets, romaine lettuce, and tamari dressing, has a difficulty level of Easy (haha, what do ya know) and prep time of 20 minutes.  This recipe had very few ingredients as well.  Most of the time spent making this dish had to do with the chopping of vegetables or cooking the chicken (and plating… I spend a lot of time on plating).

The ingredients that you will need to make this dish

All you do is wash and dry the produce, mix the temari dressing, cook the chicken, mix the salad, and then assemble to eat.  It’s so simple!


This recipe calls for a tangelo. This was my first time using one!

Making the tamari dressing: honey, water, tamari, cooking oil, and half of the togarashi packet

Everything’s all chopped up and ready!

Toss all the fruits and vegetables together and mix with the tamari dressing!

Season the chicken paillard with salt and pepper

Cook chicken in frying pan for 4 minutes for each side — make sure you open up the chicken paillard when frying. I made the mistake of not fully opening up the meat and over cooking the opposite sides before I realized. Oops!

(Is it a coincidence that now candy striped beets are popular or they have always been popular?  It just so happens that I recently ate these at The Chef’s Table Blogger Event at Canyon Creek too and I’ve never noticed them until now.)

Like I said, I spent some time plating the mixed salad onto the plate before I slapped that cooked chicken paillard on top.  Then I sprinkled the soya beans and some of the remaining togarashi on top of the whole creation.

Ta-da! Sprinkle the soya nuts and rest of the togarasih (or however much you want) on to the salad

This recipe makes two servings

This was a very healthy Chef’s Plate recipe — you only have fruits and veggies, lean protein, and no carbs!  However, don’t underestimate the portion because it did fill my mom and I up for a while.  I loved how the romaine lettuce was so crunchy and fresh!  I really have to applaud Chef’s Plate for consistently delivering such fresh produce in their boxes.  It’s not easy to do sometimes.  If the romaine lettuce (and other produce in this recipe) lacked this freshness, the salad would have been another story in terms of its taste.

Beautiful colours, especially from the candy striped beets!

It was a very unique salad too.  The tamari dressing (containing honey, tamari, cooking oil, and water) dressed up the otherwise mediocre salad by making it a little sour, sweet, and spicy.  It was very different.

The thin, tenderized chicken breast fillet was also very lean and was my first time eating chicken paillard.  It was a great match with the salad.

And that’s it!  My latest shipment of Chef’s Plate has been blogged about (in my February 22 shipment, I got the Flat Iron Steak, Salmon Tacos, and this Chicken Paillard).  I wonder when the next time I will cook with Chef’s Plate again will be…

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5 Responses to Chef’s Plate: Asian Chicken Paillard

  1. Violet says:

    Wow! Your dish looks amazing, like from the restaurant! I was shocked you didn’t eat out and it’s actually made by you! 🙂 Bravo!!!!!

    • stenoodie says:

      Thanks, Violet! I have made several dishes from Chef’s Plate now. They are a wonderful groceries delivery service with delicious recipes. I have been able to get a lot of free meals from them by sharing my referral codes with friends (#2mealsFromstenoodie) and my friends also get two completely free meals for their first order too. I can’t wait for you to try it too when you return home! 🙂

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