Chef’s Plate: Flat Iron Steak with Collard Greens and Cheddar Polenta

Flat Iron Steak with Collard Greens and Cheddar Polenta

Happiness is seeing a delivery of Chef’s Plate arrive at your door.  I choose for the package to be left outside my door when it’s time for my delivery to arrive from this meal-delivery company.  This is now my third shipment of Chef’s Plate and I couldn’t be happier to cook another meal from them.  They are a convenient, fast, fresh, delicious meal service that uses recipes from chefs and delivers the pre-portioned and fresh groceries to your home so that you can cook right out of the box with the step-by-step recipe.  It is so fun and delicious to do!  Perfect for foodies around the city. 😀

So happy to see this at my door!

A full box of fresh groceries and recipes! 😀

This dish was a Flat Iron Steak with Collard Greens and Cheddar Polenta.  What attracted me to pick this dish for delivery on February 22 was the steak and the cheddar polenta.  I’ve never made polenta before!  And steak is always a nice treat to have at home… especially because we rarely cook red meat like beef in my home.

Flat Iron Steak recipe card

This meal had a difficulty level of Medium and prep time would take 25 minutes.  I was ready!

Now that I’m a “seasoned” Chef’s Plate cooker — on my third shipment — I know to thoroughly read the recipe card beforehand so that I know what to prepare for.  This recipe was very straight forward.  Each step revolved around preparing and cooking either the steak, collard greens, or cheddar polenta.  It was simple enough and for the sake of time and to eat everything together freshly made, we decided to cook all three things together at the same time (my mom cooks together with me on these so that’s why I used “we” — it’s a great family activity to do together!).

The spread of ingredients to make this Flat Iron Steak

First of all, wash and dry the veggies.

Wash collard greens, remove and discard the ribs, roughly chop up the leaves

Shallot and garlic thinly sliced

Season the steak with salt and pepper and then begin frying.  We were careful not to overcook the steak because we overcooked it a little bit last time when we were cooking the Spanish-style steak.  We cooked the first side for 5 minutes and then the second side for barely even 2 minutes.  Haha.  It was worth it!

Seasoning the steak with salt and pepper, frying it for 5 and 2 minutes, cutting it and ready to serve

Cooking the shallot in the steak pan juices for 2 minutes. Yum!

After removing the stem and roughly chopping up the collard greens, you fry it in a large pan and then add in the sliced garlic.  The collard greens were a beautiful green colour and so fresh.

Cooking collard greens with garlic, salt, pepper, and a dash of warm water

Mixing the cheddar and butter into the cornmeal/polenta

After boiling three cups of water and seasoning with salt, I poured the cornmeal into the water and stirred it.  You have to be careful with this part because you really need to pour the cornmeal gradually into the water and keep stirring otherwise it will clump up really badly and you will have to spend extra time de-clumping it (which is what we had to do).  After adding in the cheddar and butter, it smelled amazing and was so smooth!

Time to plate it!  This plating job was easy because you simply pour the polenta in, followed by the collard greens, and then the sliced steak.  Yum!  It looked quite similar to the picture! 😀  Success! 😛

Ta-da! So nice!

Most beautiful plating I’ve done with such a nice display of colours!

Time to eat!  I was actually so impressed with the quality of the steak; the taste and flavour and texture of it.  The sides were charred perfectly and seasoned with salt.  It was so good!  It was extremely medium rare on the inside which was a great thing because we didn’t overcook the beef at all and it was very smooth.  The smoothness and deliciousness does have a lot to do with the quality of the beef, however.  Yay to antibiotic-free and premium quality steaks!

The steak was so nicely sliced too by my mom 🙂

The collard greens were fresh and definitely high in fiber.  The cheese polenta was also really good!  The first couple of bites seemed to contain a few morsels where the cornmeal didn’t fully blend well, but after that, it was really good and it didn’t feel that heavy even though it contained cheese and butter in it.  It was so good!

It makes two servings!

I really adored how the flavours blended together so nicely; the slightly salty steak that was smooth and tender with the leafy collard greens embedded with the grainy and mashed cheddar polenta.  It was a fantastic dinner and I loved every bite of it!

It was perfect for two servings/two people.  This meal made me love Chef’s Plate even more.  Thank you so much! 🙂

If you want to try out Chef’s Plate, click here or you can also use my referral code to get 4 free plates: #freeplatesfromstenoodie.  Enjoy! 🙂


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    YOU ARE SO PRO!!! It looks awesome!

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