Snack Ankara (Luxembourg, Luxembourg)

pita wrap

Snack Ankara located at 6 Avenue Monterey, 2163 Luxembourg in Luxembourg

After arriving in beautiful Luxembourg in the late afternoon and strolling around its breathtaking medieval old towns and views, it was time for dinner.

We stopped at Snack Ankara Sàrl, a Middle Eastern fast food eatery, for a quick and cheap dinner.  

Since we were all sharing, instead of having the sandwiches between buns, the man behind the counter was nice enough to suggest that he put everything into pita wraps instead so that it could easily be cut apart for us.

Snack Ankara storefront

Storefront of Snack Ankara

Snack Ankara menu

Sandwiches available by themselves or in a combo

Snack Ankara interior

Lining up to order and pay

We ordered the Falafel, Saucisse turque, and Cordon bleu.  It didn’t take long to order and we ate inside where there were a few seats (you could also choose to dine outside where they had a small patio).

Cordon bleu

Cordon bleu. 5€

Cut-up pita

Look at all that stuffing inside! :9


Falafel. 4€

hand holding a pita

It was pretty good

Saucisse turque

Saucisse turque. 5€

hand holding up pita

A lot of fresh veggies!

 Snack Ankara storefront

We waited for the rain to subside a bit before we headed out

Everything tasted great and there were a lot of veggies and stuffing inside the pitas!  It was quite tasty and very affordable.

Have you been to Snack Ankara before?  Leave your comments below.





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