Weekly Photo Challenge: Jubilant

 feeding llamas in New Zealand

Agrodome in Rotorua, New Zealand. April 2015

It took me a while to find this photo as I wanted to find something generic for this week’s photo challenge of “jubilant”.  I tend to stay away from sharing personal pictures for these weekly photo challenges because I know a lot of people that I don’t know in real life look at them (more so than my regular blogs) and I’d prefer for my personal pictures to remain personal.  However, this is such a nice photo expressing joy, jubilant, and happiness that I found it fitting.  Also, my mom’s wearing sunglasses so at least I’ve somewhat protected her identity here from being the featured photo for this week.  😛

We were at the Agrodome in Rotorua, New Zealand feeding llamas, goats, and deer.  It was an incredibly fun experience feeding these animals in the open green grass on a beautiful sunny day.  A lot of the animals weren’t fearful at all of humans and came right up to us to sniff, lick, and eat from our hands.  I took a lot of photos right up close with the llamas right beside me too.  This is such a nice photo though that I took of my mom and the animals. 🙂


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