St. Louis Bar and Grill (Fairview Mall)

St. Louis Bar and Grill wings

St. Louis Bar and Grill located at Fairview Mall at 1800 Sheppard Avenue East Unit 2016 in Toronto

Wings with friends!  Five of us met up at Fairview Mall and ate at the St. Louis Bar and Grill there.

This located has a wide open patio that everyone was taking advantage of on this hot long weekend day.  However, we did opt for the inside seats.

We ordered a pound of wings each which came with their delicious fries.  Remember the last time I had this basket of wings and fries at the Bayview and 16th location in Richmond Hill?  I demolished all the fries because they were just that good. Hehe.

baskets of chicken wings and fries on table

Table full of wings!

This time, I chose the Buffalo Ranch flavoured wings.

Buffalo Ranch wings and fries

A pound of wings plus fries. $13.99
-Buffalo Ranch

Buffalo Ranch wing

Finger-licking goodness!

Service here was pretty good as our server came frequently to check up on us after the food had arrived.  I wish she refilled our water glasses more as we ran out quickly and our empty water glasses just stood there… We did end up staying until midnight chatting though even after we had paid the bill so we didn’t want to request for more water…

two baskets of chicken wings and fries on table

Mmm! 🙂

Anyway, the Buffalo Ranch wings were great!!  The wings themselves were a tiny but on the dry side but the Buffalo Ranch had enough sauciness and kick to it.

This time, I found the fries a little softer and not as crispy as that first time eating them and lovng them.

I still am a fan of St. Louis Bar & Grill and am looking forward to my next wings meal here! 🙂

– – –

Garlic Parm wings and fries

A pound of wings plus fries. $13.99
-Garlic Parm

July 2016 update:  I returned again for a pound of wings and fries with a friend!  This time, I chose the Garlic Parm flavour of wings.  It was a perfect and gorgeous summer day so we sat out on the patio to enjoy our wings for dinner.  It was simply a perfect 25 degree weather with no wind or humidity.

The Garlic Parm was very good and I liked how the wings were actually a bit tender inside; not as dry as they usually are.  Unfortunately, the portion of fries that were in my order this time was so little!

Nevertheless, I have grown to enjoy the wings and food from St. Louis quite a bit!

St. Louis Bar and Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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