India’s Taste (Markham)

India's Taste

India’s Taste located at 680 Denison Street in Markham

It’s been many years since I’ve gone for Indian food (not sure why that is), so it was really great to dine at India’s Taste with two good friends of mine this past week.

India’s Taste is located at 680 Denison Street in Markham (near Woodbine).  It’s located on Denison Street where there are a lot of factories and commercial buildings which makes it a little hard to find if you don’t drive by this area often.  I’ve passed by India’s Taste hundreds of times as I used to drive by here often in the past but never ventured in for a meal until now.

 India's Taste storefront

India’s Taste; easy to miss so drive slowly on Denison as you watch out for its blue sign

India’s Taste is an all day buffet serving vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, pastries, and sweets.  They’re open seven days a week.  They also service a la carte items too.

 India's Taste interior

Really clean, spacious, and modern

We arrived here on a Wednesday evening and enjoyed the various of Indian options from the buffet line.  At first, it didn’t look like a lot of selections but there were actually more than enough and I found I couldn’t even fit one of each item into my stomach.

 India's Taste

Special platters

 India's Taste

Vegetarian section

 India's Taste

A lot of different types of curries and goat and chicken!

 India's Taste Buffet selection

Vegetables and fruits and dessert!

They bring you fresh naan bread to your table but sometimes you have to wave the server down for some extra naan or water at your table.  It’s a very casual restaurant and fit for families and gatherings.


Naan brought to your table

I really liked the food I had here.  I can’t name everything that was on my plate as I didn’t want to stand in front of each food station to take photos of every sign like a food journalist — I’m a foodie but it’s not my job to capture everything sometimes lol.  I have to say that I really enjoyed the vegetarian options like the eggplant, yogurt, and also the Tandoori chicken.  There were other things I enjoyed too but I can’t recall the name of. XD

 India's Taste

I really liked what I got here in this first dish — Tandoori chicken drumstick, more chicken and fish, and some vegetarian choices

 India's Taste curry

Trying out the curries and samosas! The one with soft cheese was quite good and the yogurt curry was distinctly sour

Gajar Ka Halwa — also called carrot pudding, minced carrots cooked in milk served warm dessert topped and garnished with almonds, cashewnuts and Kishmish.  I liked this but it was a bit sweet so I was glad I only got a small portion to try.

Did I mention that I loved the naan here?  It was fresh, soft, and hot.  It went so well with the curries.  It’s best served hot so eat it once it gets to your table! 🙂

Ras Malai

Ras Malai
-sugary, cream to yellow-colored balls (or flattened balls) of paneer soaked in malai (clotted cream)

This dessert called Ras Malai (sugary, cream to yellow-colored balls or flattened balls of paneer soaked in malai, clotted cream) was spongy and reminded me of tofu but it sat in a sweet broth.  This was actually really good!

The selections were all very fresh and flavourful and authentic.  I would come here again for some all-you-can-eat Indian food. 🙂  The prices are very reasonable too!

India's Taste Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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17 Responses to India’s Taste (Markham)

  1. you should try The Host up on hwy 7 (it’s also AYCE)

  2. Gordon says:

    If you had to go again, would you go for India’s taste or The Host?

    • stenoodie says:

      I haven’t been to The Host in many years. I’d have to visit again soon to be able to compare and judge. Have you been to India’s Taste before?

      • Gordon says:

        I’m actually in the opposite situation. I have been to India’s Taste long ago (only once) but I go frequently to The Host! It sounds like we have to try each restaurant 🙂

      • stenoodie says:

        Haha, yes actually sounds like it! When I went to The Host many years ago, it was an a la carte meal. I’d have to try their AYCE sometime.

  3. Gordon says:

    Forgot to mention – The Host has only AYCE at lunch time, Dinner time is a la carte meal

  4. Gordon says:

    I actually to India’s Taste yesterday with my entire team. It was definitely much better than The Host.

  5. Good review. I’ll keep this place in mind if I’m ever down Markham way.

  6. Pingback: Butter Chicken Roti at York Mills | stenoodie

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