Media Tasting Event at Boil King [Defunct]

Boil King seafood boil

Boil King located at 333 King St W in Toronto

There is another new seafood boil restaurant in town!  Boil King is now open and located in the Entertainment District on 333 King Street West close to Blue Jays Way.

Boil King is a family-owned restaurant that serves the Louisiana tradition of Cajun-style seafood in the heart of downtown Toronto.  With a kitchen led by a chef with over thirty years of international culinary experience, the restaurant invited me to a casual family-style tasting event with other Instagram food enthusiasts of Toronto last night!  I was really excited since I love foodie events and indulging in seafood!

 Boil King storefront

Boil King restaurant now open!

 Boil King business cards

Boil King business cards

Since I’ve had several seafood boil meals before, I knew how it would go down.  There are no utensils on the table for you except a bib, plastic gloves, and a bag of seafood!  What happens in a seafood boil meal is that the seafood is boiled and then placed into a plastic bag with the sauce of your choice.  It’s a really fun way to eat seafood and a culinary experience that has been enjoyed in the south for many years.

 Boil King interior

The inside of Boil King — lots of space!

The event was organized by Boil King and Patrick of @feedmyphone helped out tremendously to host the event and make sure all of us foodles were well fed and happy.  Thanks, Boil King and Patrick!  Also, Alyssa, the genius behind @bunnybumboxes prepared these creative keepsake bottles and Jenny of @CardsbyJD made the name cards for us to take home at the end of the night.

 Boil King seafood platter

Seafood platter that everyone was taking a picture of!

 Boil King party flavors

Thank you, Alyssa for these amazing party flavours!

stenoodie name tag

Thank you! I love these! ^_^  Thank you Jenny for the name cards!

 Patrick and owner of Boil King

Patrick and the owner of Boil King

On the menu for us for the media tasting were some Oysters, Cajun Seafood Fried Rice, Corn, Potatoes, Wings, and of course the bags of seafood boil with Shrimp, Snow Crab, Clams, and Mussels.  I was so excited for all of it! 😀

 Boil King media tasting menu

Boil King media tasting menu


Some beer to enjoy the seafood with

 Boil King bib

Bibs at the ready! 🙂

I really liked the Oysters — I’m a huge oyster fan.  These were chilled, very plump, and quite juicy.  They went really well with a squirt of lemon. 🙂

 Boil King Oysters


 Cheersing with oysters

Cheersing with oysters! 😛

The Cajun Seafood Fried Rice was actually really tasty!  It was stir-fried perfectly with enough “wok hay” (wok frying power) and there was a bit of heat to it!  It might be too spicy for those of you who don’t like spice at all but to me, it was perfect.  Even the mussels in the dish were juicy too.

Cajun Seafood Fried Rice

Cajun Seafood Fried Rice

The Chicken Wings were really crunchy and nicely fried.  It was a good mix when eating all that seafood!  I could have eaten this all on its own whenever I’m craving a good chicken wing. 🙂

Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings

The staff did a good job at bringing out the separate bags of seafood with each type of seafood in it and informing us what the sauce was and its spice level (mild or medium).  All hands were on the table as we spread out all of the seafood to enjoy in a family-style dinner.  Yum, I love seafood!

 Seafood on the table

I love seafood boils!

 Seafood on the table


I really liked all of the seafood.  In particular, I especially enjoyed the Snow Crab Legs!  Sometimes it is difficult to open crab to eat because it is definitely messy (you have to use your hands to eat it; there’s no other way haha) but I found these snow crabs were done so well that upon cracking open the shell of the leg, the crab meat pulled out so easily and flawlessly.  I was so impressed.  The snow crab legs were done in Medium Cajun sauce.  I fell in love with how juicy it was!  I highly recommend the snow crab!

 Boil King snow crab legs

Snow crab legs in Cajun sauce, Medium spice

The Mussels were also done in Medium Cajun sauce and I loved these as well.  The mussels were extremely fat and large for their side and the sauce just matched it perfectly.

 Boil King Mussels

Mussels in Cajun sauce, Medium spice

 Boil King Mussel

Yummy and so plump!

Everyone really raved about the clams which were done in Garlic Butter sauce in mild heat.  These were easy to eat and the garlic butter sauce made it oh-so-tasty!

Lastly, the Shrimps were done in Boil King sauce and mild heat.  I found these weren’t as flavourful as the other sauces (probably due to the shrimp’s shell) but that the shrimp meat was very firm and meaty.  Great tasting shrimps!

 Boil King Shrimp

Shrimp in Boil King sauce, Mild spice

 Boil King Shrimp

Look at all those shrimps spilling out from the bag 😛

In addition to the seafood boils, we enjoyed the corn and potato sides.  The potatoes were boiled perfectly so that it was soft yet not mashed up.  By itself, it tasted just like a regular potato in sauce but I was informed later by Joanne that you were actually supposed to mash it up in the bag so that it would soak up all of the sauce before eating it.  D’oh, if only I knew that during the dinner!  In any case, I still really enjoyed the potatoes and can definitely see how mashing it up would definitely enhance the flavour even more.

I really liked the corn as well!  The butter and sauce made it really tasty, and since corn is in season right now, it was very fresh and a little sweet too.

 Boil King Corn

Cobs of corn in sauce and butter

All in all, I had an amazing time feasting and trying out the seafood at Boil King last night.  It is always a fun time dining out with fellow foodies.  Boil King has free wifi too for your perusal.

 Beer cheers

Cheers to a great foodie night!

 Boil King Seafood Boil on the table

Seafood boil on the table

 Boil King media event

The owner thanking us for attending

 Boil King logo

Boil King logo

ceiling of Boil King

I found the ceiling of the Boil King really interesting!

Boil King Menu sides and appetizers

Boil King Menu — sides and appetizers

If I were to return again, I definitely want to have more of their snow crab legs and try out their lobster, baked oyster, and other seafood dishes too.

Boil King Full Menu and prices

Boil King Full Menu

oysters at Boil King

Promo shot for Boil King 😛

Thank you once more to Boil King for graciously inviting me for this media tasting, to the staff who served us that night, Patrick for helping out with everything from napkins to beer pouring to distributing gifts, Alyssa for the gifts, and for everyone else involved in making this media tasting a great success! 🙂

Boil King Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

FTC Disclaimer:  Although Boil King reached out and invited me to a complimentary tasting to review their restaurant, the opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of the restaurant.

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  1. If I ever come to Louisiana, Boil King is my first stop. 🙂

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