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Most of you know that I’m a ‘blog nerd’ for blogging every single day — publishing a new post every single day.  I’ve been doing so for pretty much 2-3 years (so far the newest record is blogging daily for 137 days/4 months 15 days — from April 21, 2016 until now).  I hit a realization recently.  I’m done my backlog.  I no longer have restaurant reviews lining up for me to post.  In terms of recent backlog, that’s done.  But I still have a lot of travel posts that I drafted up, intending to be posted with photos to share….  that I wanted to keep posting because I wanted to finish THAT backlog.  But today, I realize I don’t want to do that anymore…  

So today, there will be no new post.  (Well… this kind of is a new BLOG post because I’m still posting and writing, but it’s not from the past.  It’s a current/written-right-now/brand new blog!)

Should I continue blogging every single day?  It makes me feel really accomplished when I do succeed in doing so.  <–  Maybe the better question to ask is, “Should I keep posting about my old travel posts?!” LOL

Some people ask, “How do I blog every single day?”  Some people are amazed when they hear that.  Even the first time that I saw another blogger doing it, I was in disbelief and skeptical.  “How can someone even blog and post about something new every single day?  How is that even possible?  Wouldn’t they run out of material? ”  :/ :O

Well, I did it.  I did it because I went out to eat and reviewed restaurants, I posted Weekly Photo Challenges on Fridays, and I posted about my travels, random thoughts, and so on.  When I was doing my first 7-day detox and wanted to blog about each day’s progress and results, that’s when the backlog started and started piling up.  It slowly became a one-day backlog, then two-day, three-, etc.  One friend commented that it was a “good problem” to have because I wouldn’t have posts to run out of.  And soon, once I started reviewing restaurants that happened twice in a day and only wanting to post one a day, that’s when the backlog extended and became longer and longer.  The backlog got worse when I started travelling because I wanted to blog about every day of the trip and every restaurant I visited on the trips but I couldn’t do it while I was travelling so once I returned home, I not only had the restaurant reviews where I was starting to eat out at again to post but all my posts from the travelling…. but I digress.

It was fun and it was a challenge to me to blog every day.  I did want to record and share everything I did with my viewers.

But now… not so sure anymore.

So, if you guys don’t see anything here on this blog for a while… (maybe it won’t even last a day), you’ll know why.



tl;dr:  Taking a break tonight from publishing a “polished” post!  Hope you all had a great Labour Day long weekend. 🙂

Also, woohoo to me for finishing my backlog of food posts!!!  Took me many months. !


About stenoodie

I'm a stenographer, foodie, avid traveller, and a really silly person if you get to know me well enough. =)
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