0109 Dessert & Chocolate

0109 Dessert & Chocolate Lava Cake

0109 Dessert & Chocolate located at 2190 McNicoll Avenue, Unit 109 in Scarborough

Here’s a short and sweet blog post; get it? 😛  0109 Dessert & Chocolate is a dessert shop in Scarborough (next to Chako and the first location of Magic Noodle) at the intersection of Kennedy Road and McNicoll Avenue that specializes in Swiss premium chocolate from Lindt and homemade gelato.  I’ve heard a lot about this dessert shop and finally had the chance to go!  

The four of us were here at 9:30 p.m. on a rainy summer night.  There were a lot of people here despite the late hour and rainstorm but I was able to get a table easily.

0109 Dessert & Chocolate interior

There were so many nice photos framed on the walls

The first thing that I noticed about 0109 Dessert & Chocolate was that it was so homey and cozy inside.  It smelled deliciously of chocolate throughout the shop and the warm interior reminded me of Christmas.  This was a great place for a romantic dessert date or holiday celebrations.  I really loved the atmosphere in there. 🙂

 Gelato and chocolates at 0109 Dessert & Chocolate

Freshly made gelato as well as lots of chocolate gifts!

 Chocolate truffles at 0109 Dessert & Chocolate

Chocolate truffles! Priced from $1.95 each to $198 for a 99-piece gift box

 0109 Dessert & Chocolate menu

Their menus had large photos and descriptions for you to easily choose from

I ordered the Lava Cake which contained “an intense taste of Lindt 70% dark chocolate with gooey runny centre” and paired with a choice of classic vanilla or chocolate gelato.  Being a chocolate lover, I chose the chocolate gelato.  Since 0109 Dessert & Chocolate were well-known for their chocolate and their gelato, I thought that this was the perfect first dessert to order here.  (They are also well known for their durian creations but I’ll have to try that on another visit.)

The menu (and the server) did specify that the Lava Cake would take 15 minutes to prepare.  My friends were so kind to wait for my order to arrive before we all started eating even though all of theirs had already arrived.  Ahh. 🙂

The Lava Cake was intensely rich with chocolate inside and outside.  The chocolate “lava” that spilled out was so dense and decadent!  I needed help finishing it since it was so rich.  The chocolate gelato was also very rich and smooth; it actually had chunks of chocolate in it!  A total chocolate overload. XD

Lava Cake

Lava Cake. $8.95
-an intense taste of Lindt 70% dark chocolate with gooey runny centre and paired with a choice of classic vanilla or chocolate gelato

I tried a bite of everyone’s desserts and got a good taste of Kim’s Green Tea Cheesecake and Pistachio Gelato, Clarissa’s Crepe and Vanilla Gelato, and Arvic’s White Chocolate Cheesecake.  Mmm, it was all very decadent and high-quality.

Green Tea Cheesecake

Green Tea Cheesecake. $6.95

 Pistachio Gelato

Pistachio Gelato

Special White Chocolate Cheesecake

Special White Chocolate Cheesecake. $6.95

 Strawberry & Banana Crepes with Vanilla Gelato

Strawberry & Banana Crepes with Vanilla Gelato add-on

 Hazelnut Gelato in a Waffle Cone

Hazelnut Gelato in a Waffle Cone. $4.50 + $0.75

Lastly, we finished off the night by ‘cheersing’ with some chocolate truffles because it happened to be the 10th year anniversary of all of us most of us meeting and beginning our friendships together.  That was fun!  We each chose a different chocolate to “cheers” with.

 Chocolate truffles at 0109 Dessert & Chocolate

So many types of chocolate truffles!

 Chocolate truffles at 0109 Dessert & Chocolate

Chocolate truffles: Amaretto, Black Forest, Balsamic Vinegar, Macadamia, and one more that I don’t remember (lol). $1.95 each

They had a large selection of unique chocolate truffles to choose from.  I couldn’t help but be enthralled by their “balsamic vinegar” flavoured truffle and because of that, my friends encouraged me to try it since I had been pointing it out several times already. XD  So I did.  It turned out to be very smooth and didn’t taste like balsamic vinegar at all.  It was still chocolaty.  What a great experience! 🙂

 Chocolate truffles cheers

Cheers! Happy friendversary!

It was very kind of the server to give us one truffle free of charge because she made an error and gave us a Black Forest truffle instead of the Amaretto one that Kim wanted.  The service here was friendly!

 Desserts at 0109


I really liked the visit here at 0109 Dessert & Chocolate.  I’d love to return to try more desserts! 🙂  (And those who were keeping track, no, this didn’t turn out to be a short and sweet blog post as I had intended… I like writing too much.) XP

0109 Dessert & Chocolate

0109 Dessert & Chocolate next to Chako

0109 Dessert & Chocolate Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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