Delicious Shanxi Food at Magic Noodle!

Located at 2190 McNicoll Ave in Scarborough

For a quick lunch, my mom and I visited Magic Noodle.  It’s a restaurant that I’ve heard several friends frequent lately so when we were in the area, I decided to check it out myself too.  When I got there, I understood why it was so popular — it was a 24 hour restaurant!  No wonder it’s a easily accessible restaurant at all hours of the day. 😀  

The space inside the restaurant is small, but like most Chinese hotspots, they are able to smartly cram in as many tables as possible comfortably but don’t expect too much privacy between you and the next table.

Although we visited at noon on a weekday Monday, it was packed!  There was a small line-up of people and we had to get a number.  We used this waiting time efficiently by looking at the menu and deciding what to get.  In about 5 minutes, we were called to our table and we placed our order immediately.

I am a huge fan of this western Chinese food.  They had fresh hand-cut noodles!  Every time I see this at a restaurant, I’m longingly reminded of my visit to Xi’an, China last year when we visited the quiet city with the MS crew.

As such, I ordered a side of lamb kebobs — these arrived in a singly serving for $1.99 on a metal skewer stick.  It was nice and hot and even the wooden handle of the skewer was too hot to touch when it arrived on the table.  I loved it!  The lamb meat was tender (although fatty in some areas) and heavily seasoned with cumin.  Yum!!!

Another appetizer we ordered was the leek pancakes.  This is a definite favourite snack of mine to order when dining out at Shanghainese restaurants.  My mom indulged in this when it was steaming hot and said the outside was crispy.  I waited a while before I had my portion and it was tasty but not crispy.  Scrambled egg and leeks fill the inside of the pancake. 🙂

Mmmm, we had two bowls of noodles.  One was a popular dish, a hand-cut noodle with braised pork and the other was a spicy pig intestine with Chinese ramen.

I absolutely loved the pig intestine one!! The bowl was filled to the max with these thinly chopped pig intestines.  I was so impressed with how much there was in the bowl!  Usually, Chinese restaurants are so cheapy and give you the minimum to save on money.  There was just so many in the bowl!

The ramen noodles were so fine, soft, and delicious too.  I can’t put it to words to describe just how good these noodles were.  The soup base itself was full of hot chili oil but surprisingly, the entire bowl wasn’t too hot.  It was the perfect level of spice.

The second bowl of noodles was the hand-cut noodles.  You could actually see the chef through the open kitchen hand slicing the noodles.  It was so authentic and truly reminded me of the time in Xi’an when we saw the chef create fresh bowls of hand-cut noodles for us too.  This bowl was paired with braised beef that were cut into small chunks.  It was very well flavoured to the point that some people might think it’s oversalty.  The noodles were so thin and irregular in shape due to it being hand-cut and not machine made.  We both liked the first bowl more since the texture and taste of the ramen noodles was more delicious. 🙂

I really, truly enjoyed this experience here at Magic Noodle and can’t wait to return to sample more dishes.  Even my mom commented she would come back for more.  😀 Yay!  New favourite noodle place!

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5 Responses to Delicious Shanxi Food at Magic Noodle!

  1. Val Hutson says:

    I’ve never tried pig intestines but perhaps they call them something else in the UK! My son is off to Canada for a year in October but he has to have a gluten free diet I wonder if the Magic Noodle can cater for him.

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