Trying out Patisserie 27!

 Patisserie 27 cakes

Patisserie 27 located at 401 Jane St in Toronto

Patisserie 27 is a cute little Japanese-French based bakery located in the west end of Toronto at 401 Jane Street.  After getting off at Jane Subway Station and taking one bus north for four stops, we arrived at the doorstep of Patisserie 27!  It was a one unit store and you could see the entire area of the shop from the outside.  There were just three tables and a couple of seats for you to dine in but for the most part, it seemed more of a take-away place.  

Patisserie 27 storefront

Storefront of Patisserie 27

Patisserie 27 has been in business since 2012 and serves a variety of desserts like cakes and macarons and savory baked goods like croissants, sandwiches, cookies, bread, and more.  The setup of the store was incredibly cute and catered to small minor details.  Priscilla and I were so excited to try their baked goods out!

 Patisserie 27 macarons and desserts

Assortment of macarons and desserts

 Patisserie 27 macarons

Macarons of many different flavours at $1.95 each

 Patisserie 27 baked goods and croissants

Baked goods and croissants

 Patisserie 27 menus

Cute counter!

Ham, Broccoli with Cheddar & Béchamel Croissant

Ham, Broccoli with Cheddar & Béchamel Croissant. $3.50

First, we had the Ham, Broccoli with Cheddar & Béchamel Croissant seeing as it was one of the only savory croissants left after a long day.  (We arrived just after 5 p.m. and they were opened until 6 p.m. on a Friday.)  All of their prices were very reasonable here and I found that at $3.50, it was worth the fluffy and cheesy goodness.  We asked for it to be heated up.  While it was flaky and fluffy, we did find that it was a little oilier than we liked.


Kabocha. $4.95
-flourless almond sponge cake with white chocolate pumpkin mousse

We tried two desserts that day.  First, we tried the Kabocha, a flourless almond sponge cake with white chocolate pumpkin mousse.  Again, I found that a slice of this cake was decently priced at $4.95.  A lot of other bakeries in Toronto with this quality of food seem to cost at least $6.

Anyway, this Kabocha cake was really unique with the almond bits on top of the cake — it gave it some texture while the white chocolate pumpkin mousse was extremely soft and smooth!  I really liked the mousse part.  It was definitely a cake that I had never tried before. ^_^


Aki. $4.95
-earl grey and caramelized cake with mousseline cream and chantilly cream

Our second cake was the Aki.  It was an earl grey and caramelized cake with mousseline cream and chantilly cream.  This appeared similar to the Kabocha cake in terms of how it was assembled (same shape with layers!).  However, I really, really enjoyed this Aki cake!  The top of the cake was caramelized which reminded me of the hard sweetened top on crème brûlées.  The sweetness was nicely contrasted by the taste of the earl grey tea.  This cake was even more smooth and creamy than the first cake.  I loved this one even more.  It was so good! 😀

 Patisserie 27 Aki

Aki cake against their other selections

We finished our baked goods and desserts right before they closed at 6 p.m. and Priscilla even placed an order for the Aki cake (8 servings) for her brother’s upcoming birthday.  They sell any of their individual cake slices by four or eight servings too — you can place custom orders for them.

 Patisserie 27 interior

Such a cozy little bakery!

 Patisserie 27 interior

Really cute!

 Patisserie 27 sandwich menu

Four types of sandwiches that they offer

I was so glad that we got to check out this cute and precious little bakery!  If this was in the heart of Toronto, I can imagine them getting lots of praise but since it is located out west in Toronto, I can see why not many foodies have heard of this place before.

Patisserie 27 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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