Congee Queen (Hwy 7 & Leslie)

Congee Queen (Hwy 7 & Leslie)

Congee Queen located at 230 Commerce Valley Dr E, Unit #1 in Markham

Upon coming back from our Blue Mountain trip, we both were in need some of comfort food and veggies, so we went to Congee Queen at Highway 7 and Leslie (皇后名粥) in Markham for some reliable Chinese comfort food.

It was my first time to this location of the congee/rice/noodle franchise chain and I really liked the interior design of this shop!  There were a lot of people dining here on a Sunday evening but we got a booth table immediately once we stepped inside the restaurant.

It was a simple meal.  We ordered a bowl of Sliced Fish & Blood Jello Congee, Snow Pea Leaves with Garlic Sauce, and a bowl of customized fish soup noodle (this was completely similar to the ones that Deer Garden offers where for $9.75, you can customize your soup base, noodles, toppings, and add on a snack too).  Ken chose the Tomato & Pumpkin Fish Soup base with udon, king oyster mushrooms, tofu puffs, with a side of pan fried beef tongue.

 Sliced Fish & Blood Jello Congee

Sliced Fish & Blood Jello Congee. $6.75

 Snow Pea Leaves with Garlic Sauce

Snow Pea Leaves with Garlic Sauce. $13.99

 Fish Soup Noodles

Tomato & Pumpkin Fish Soup, Udon, King Mushrooms, Tofu Puffs, and a hot drink. $9.75

Everything was decent and filling.  The snow pea leaves were especially fresh and soft.  The bowl of udon was very large too and came with steaming hot soup.  The Tomato & Pumpkin Fish Soup base was so clear and appetizing.  We really enjoyed the pan fried beef tongue too.  It was so tender and well seasoned.

Tomato & Pumpkin Fish Soup

The soup base included cabbage, mushrooms, beancurd sticks

Pan Fried Beef Tongue

Pan Fried Beef Tongue. $2.75

(Looking at their website, I learned that their Highway 7 & Leslie Congee Queen location is the only one that serves the fish soup noodles!  Cool!) 😀

Highway 7 & Leslie Congee Queen

I really liked their interior design

Congee Queen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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