Noodle Soups and Rice Sets at Lucky Noodle

 Lucky Noodle noodle soups

Lucky Noodle located in Denison Centre at 1661 Denison St, Unit #39 in Markham

January 5, 2018:  Lunch at Lucky Noodle!  This restaurant used to be a Japanese all-you-can-eat restaurant.  I don’t venture around this area anymore but we were in the Denison Centre to book our next trip and came here for lunch since it was convenient.  This was the coldest day on record so far.  

Lucky Noodle serves noodle soups similar to that of Deer Garden.  My tablemates all ordered from the noodle menu except for me.  Like Deer Garden, Lucky Noodle offers the noodle soup with a number of toppings, soup base of your choice, noodles of your choice, accompanying sides for a lower price, and a drink.   Here, they also gave the option of a dessert instead of a drink too.

 Lucky Noodle interior

They kept the same layout and design as the previous restaurant

 Lucky Noodle order sheet

Custom noodles

 Lucky Noodle menu and prices

In addition to noodles, they also have rice combos

 Lucky Noodle menu and prices

Drinks menu

I ordered a rice dish, the Teriyaki Chicken with Egg on Rice.  This was a standard-tasting dish.

 lemon tea and almond milk

The drinks that came with the noodle soup combos — lemon tea for my uncle and almond milk for my mom

Teriyaki Chicken with Egg on Rice

Teriyaki Chicken with Egg on Rice. $6.98

My mom’s order of the Gingko and Pepper Fish soup with thick rice noodles with fish puffs and fish dumplings as toppings.

Gingko and Pepper Fish soup noodles

Gingko and Pepper Fish soup, thick rice noodles, fish puffs, fish dumplings. $8.99

 Lucky Noodle lunch

Happy weekday lunch!

My aunt added the Grilled Wings in Teriyaki Sauce to her noodle soup combo.  This were typical tasting wings.

 Grilled Wings in Teriyaki Sauce

Grilled Wings in Teriyaki Sauce. $2.25

The Deep Fried Pork Chops was quite tender.

 Deep Fried Pork Chop

Deep Fried Pork Chop. $2.25

The Grilled Beef Short Ribs were very good!  I liked that they were juicy and tender and well seasoned.

Grilled Beef Short Ribs

Grilled Beef Short Ribs. $2.25

The Fresh Mango Pudding was very tiny in size (this photo doesn’t show its size), but I liked how it was fresh mango chunks.  It was a good way to finish off the meal.

Fresh Mango Pudding

Fresh Mango Pudding

 Lucky Noodle inside Denison Centre

Lucky Noodle located inside Denison Centre

This was a decent and no frills meal.

Lucky Noodle Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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