Okotte Ramen

December 20, 2018:  This was actually my second time dining in at Okotte Ramen with the first time for lunch about a month ago.  Okotte Ramen is located on Lesile Street north of 16th Avenue in Richmond Hill and operates similarly to Deer Garden or Lucky Noodle (for about $10, you get a customizable noodle soup or rice in soup with two toppings and $3~ snacks on the side).  Thus, even though their name is “Okotte Ramen”, they don’t only offer ramen at all.  They also serve rice dishes and Japanese izakaya items.

Inside, it’s a rather non-descript restaurant run by Chinese owners.  They also partnered with Prestotea, so you can order their specialty drinks in addition to your meal.

On the first visit, I ordered the DIY set with ramen noodles with tenderous rib and boiled egg in a ginger soup.  I chose the Tofu Nuggets as the side order.  My mom had chosen the soba noodles with beef tendon and scallop in a curry soup with a side order of takoyaki.  Neither of us ordered any drinks.

I remember the ramen noodles were fairly decent (although I didn’t have a high expectation of it at all in any case).  I regretted choosing the boiled egg as one of my side orders since the default toppings were green onions, corn, black fungus, and boiled egg!  Thus, I had double eggs in my ramen bowl.  I should have read the menu carefully XD.  In any case, the most impressive thing about the bowl was the ginger soup!  I had never had ginger soup as a soup base before in these DIY bowls and the ginger was very concentrated in the soup.  I could actually see all the ginger strips too.  It was very nourishing. 🙂

The tofu nugget was pretty good.  It was slightly crispy and it resembled the infamous ones from Kinton Ramen.

The scallops in my mom’s bowl were large and impressive too.

The Takoyaki was quite good as well.

On this second visit, I ordered rice in basil soup with sliced beef and spinach (as I wanted more veggies).  I tried the Tobiko Salad too.  The basil soup was definitely interesting too and very concentrated in the soup.  The rice was plentiful and I took home the leftovers.

The Tobiko Salad was all right.

Priscilla ordered the Japanese ramen with ribs in the ginger soup.  She quite enjoyed it too.

I do enjoy this place and I can definitely consider a third and many more visits in the future.  Next time, I might want to try their rice dishes and izakaya dishes too.

Okotte Ramen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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