Laveanne Lavender Fields in Ontario

Laveanne Lavender Fields

Laveanne Lavender Fields located at 8667 Gilmour Rd in Campbellcroft, Ontario

July 1, 2018:   After having breakfast in Downtown Port Hope, we headed north back up near the Ganaraska Forest Centre to check out the Lavaenne lavender fields.  I didn’t even know that there were lavender fields!  It is always a pleasure to check out local and unknown spots and Laveanne is definitely a not-as-known spot yet for lavender fields.

Laveanne has onsite parking and a field of over 10,000 lavender plants.  It is about 20 minutes north of Port Hope, 30 minutes south of Peterborough, and 60 minutes east of Toronto.  It’s open May 1 to October 31, seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Laveanne Lavender Fields

You can see the entire field of lavender here

Laveanne Lavender Fields

So many lavender buds

The whole month of July is Blossom Month and we had arrived right on July 1 to visit.

After parking and walking towards the lavender field (there is no admission fee), we saw the wide expanse of beautiful purple blooms.  The fields were ripe with thousands of rich purple lavender buds and so gorgeous.  This particular weekend was actually one of the hottest and most humid days of the year so there weren’t very many people visiting (or perhaps because it was also Canada Day).

Laveanne Lavender Fields

Love the purple

We walked through the fields and admired the lavender.  I liked how they were white park benches for you to rest on and take photos with.  However, it was so hot that day that we couldn’t stay out in the sun for too long.

Laveanne Lavender Fields

Rows and rows of purple

Laveanne Lavender Fields

Deep purple

We visited the flower shop and talked to the owner for a bit.  On this visit, I learned that the peak of lavender blossoms is Actually in mid-July.  The scent wasn’t detectable yet and apparently you have to rub it in order to get the scent as well.

Laveanne Lavender Fields

Lavender in the greenhouse

For the month of July, they had an open-air bistro where you can have lunch.  They also had some shopkeepers selling goods under the tents.  We stayed for a bit admiring the purple fields before we headed out.  Now I know for the future that lavender fields are best to visit during mid-July!

 Toronto Island Honey

Toronto Island Honey

Laveanne Lavender Fields


Laveanne Lavender Fields

Laveanne Lavender Fields

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