Yelp’s Gunslingers Gathering at Lone Star Texas Grill

 Lone Star Texas Grill onion rings

Lone Star Texas Grill located at 157 York Blvd in Richmond Hill

February 19, 2019:  The first Yelp Community Event of the year!  This is a Yelp event that is not catered to just Yelp Elites but open to anyone who is a Yelp member (it’s free to become one).

This Yelp’s “Gunslingers Gathering” was held at the Richmond Hill location of Lone Star Grill, which serves Tex-Mex food (I believe it is newly opened and that the former location of the 16th and Yonge location has closed down).  I had previous been to two Lone Star Grill restaurants before.  I remember being very impressed at the last one I went to was which also a media tasting event.  I was so impressed with the fajitas!

Lone Star Texas Grill Richmond Hill location

Richmond Hill location of Lone Star Texas Grill

Lone Star Texas Grill Chips and dip

Chips and dip

On this evening, the event began at 7 p.m., at which time we were promptly checked in one by one by the event organizers.  One portion of the restaurant was blocked off that night for our event.  There were two beer breweries that were set up with samples for us to try: Collingwood and Muskoka.  There were some chips and dip on the tables as well as some Yelp memorabilia too.

As the guests started to arrive, it was nice to spot some familiar faces and catch up with foodie friends.

Shortly, the fajitas bar opened up.  We were luckily one of the first to line up!  We were able to enjoy the chicken and steak fajitas with beans, southwest rice, guacamole, shredded lettuce, cheddar cheese, sour cream, vegetables, and a wide variety of hot sauces.

Lone Star Texas Grill fajitas bar

Fajitas bar

fresh-baked tortillas

Really fresh-baked tortillas

Lone Star Texas Grill fajita fillings

Chicken and steak filling

The fresh-baked tortillas were as soft and as delicious as I remembered.  I was impressed once again!  The chicken strips were so tender!  All of the ingredients tied together really well.

 Lone Star Texas Grill fajitas

My DIY chicken, beef, shredded lettuce, cheese, sour cream, beans, and southwest rice fajita

During the night, the servers also came out with flatters of appetizers for us to try.  I tried the tender beef bites, onion rings, fried steak bites with chimichurri sauce, and coconut shrimp.  I’ve never had fried steak bites before.  A few of us found it interesting to have steak deep fried.

 Lone Star Texas Grill beef appetizers

Bite-sized beef

 Lone Star Texas Grill fried steak

Fried bite-sized steak with chimichurri sauce

 Coconut Shrimp

Coconut Shrimp

I only tried two varieties of the beer that night which were the new Black Raspberry Thunder beer from Muskoka beer as well as their Muskoka Detour.  I didn’t try the Collingwood Brewery beer.  I realize nowadays that after having alcohol, I don’t tend to sleep as well at night so I’m refraining from spirits and such drinks (I already don’t even drink tea or coffee). XD

Muskoka Detour beer

Muskoka Detour beer

Black Raspberry Thunder beer

Black Raspberry Thunder beer

Collingwood Brewery beer

Collingwood Brewery beer

The servers that night were really gracious and kind.  I appreciated how one of the servers went around to everyone at the beginning of the event to welcome them to drinks and if they didn’t enjoy alcoholic drinks that non-alcoholic ones were available too.

Thank you, Yelp, for organizing this Yelp Community Event for us and muchas gracias to Lone Star Texas Grill for providing the food and venue!

Lone Star Texas Grill Richmond Hill location

Lone Star Texas Grill event space

FTC Disclaimer:  Although Yelp and Lone Star Texas Grill invited me to a complimentary event, the opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of the businesses.

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