High Tech Escape Games at Omescape Scarborough

Omescape Scarborough

Omescape Scarborough located at 1187 Kennedy Rd in Scarborough

May 5, 2019:  In addition to the Markham location of Omescape, they have a second location in Scarborough as well!  This location is situated on Kennedy Road north of Lawrence Avenue East.

Similar to the Markham location, they have a range of multi-difficulty level multi-room escape games and include high-tech components. 

Each room is themed differently with a different plot.  We played the one-hour “Virus Outbreak” designed for 3 to 8 players.  We had 4 players in our team.

We were definitely stumped with the puzzles in this room but had such a blast trying to decipher the clues.  There were so many authentic-looking and high-tech components!  I loved it.

I really appreciated how the staff gave us some extra time at the end of the game even though our 60 minutes were already up.  It wasn’t until we asked for a clue that one of the staff members finally came to get us.  She walked us through the remainder of the game and how to escape the last part (turns out we were only 60% done!).  The “Virus Outbreak” room was so thorough and well-designed.

Before we left, we took a group photo in front of the chalkboard mural with props.

Omescape Scarborough chalkboard wall

Chalkboard wall

I’m so glad we got to come here to play a game!  If Omescape Scarborough was more convenient for me to get to, I’d totally come again to try out their other rooms (however, since their games are so good and I’ve already played most of the rooms at Omescape Markham, the long commute may be worth it).  They also have an “Epic Runner” obstacle style course as well!

Their online booking form is easy to use (they require a $25 deposit that is used towards your payment to secure the booking) and their staff is quick in responding to inquiries.

Upon arrival, if you check in on social media (Facebook or Instagram, etc.), you can receive a $3 off per person.  They have a coat rack and free lockers for you to store your belongings while you play.  The staff was really friendly!

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3 Responses to High Tech Escape Games at Omescape Scarborough

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  2. gchan7127 says:

    It was such a cool experience! Although I was so scared, it was awesome! Thanks for taking us, Karen!

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