Golden Sand Restaurant in Tai Kok Tsui

This is a typical Hong Kong style restaurant serving HK style cafe food like afternoon tea specials, breakfast combos, and dinner.  It’s quite non-descript, so I’ll just share with you what we ate: 

The afternoon tea special combo “B” comprised of soup spaghetti (I changed it to rice noodles) with BBQ pork and a plate of runny scrambled eggs with ham and two pieces of toast.  I was really impressed with the texture of the rice noodles.  They were so soft!  I actually am not a huge fan of rice noodles (I actually should have ordered vermicelli instead) since they tend to be on the harder side, but these ones at this restaurant were soft and not chewy.  The soup was a tad salty but it reminded me of the comfortness of eating instant noodles.  (Speaking of which, the restaurant had a huge stack of boxes upon boxes of instant noodles near the wall next to the washrooms.)

It came with a drink, of which I ordered my usual hot water with lemon.

We also ordered a mushroom and chicken rice.  This was a plate of plain white rice with some mushroom and chicken chunks.  The chicken was as smooth as the mushroom while the rice was a bit mushy but still good.

There were a moderate number of guests here during the 4 p.m. time frame.

I watched how the staff poured steaming hot water into the cups ready to be distributed to each customer when they arrived, but she also left it out on the tables so that when the waters are actually served, they are not hot water anymore but cold (like mine was when we got ours too).


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I'm a stenographer, foodie, and avid traveller just trying to find her place in the world.
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