Facial Sheet Mask Review: Papa Recipe Bombee Fruitables

Papa Recipe Bombee Fruitables "Yellow Squeeze Brightening Mask"

Papa Recipe Bombee Fruitables “Yellow Squeeze Brightening Mask”

This sheet mask is from Papa Recipe, a Korean brand interestingly with its office in Scarborough, Ontario.  It’s called “Bomboo Fruitables ‘Yellow Squeeze Brightening Mask'”.  Having “bright”, clear, unblemished faces is always the goal in Asian beauty trends (they idolise this rather than having golden tans).

This packaging was unique since it was in a tall rectangular cardboard box as opposed to the usual square shapes.  This was actually a free gift when I bought another Papa Recpie sheet mask at Sasa (review of that to come), so I don’t actually know what the retail price of this is.

The Paparecipe Bombee Fruitables Yellow Squeeze Brightening Mask contains “yellow squeeze complex made of five extracts, including yuja, mango, pineapple, loquat, and ginger to brighten dull skin tone.”

Papa Recipe Bombee Fruitables "Yellow Squeeze Brightening Mask"

Back of box

You know the essence of the sheet mask is fruit-derived since the drawing on the front of the box features the five fruits and vegetables into one.  It’s a creative take.

Papa Recipe Bombee Fruitables "Yellow Squeeze Brightening Mask" sheet mask

One pouch. So compact!

The sheet mask pouch was a tall vertical one.  When I unravelled it, I simply had to open it up like a leaflet from opposite sides (they had an overlap point at the 1/3 mark).  Although since the packaging was more vertical than the usual ones, the sheet mask actually fell to the bottom of the pouch (since gravity pulled it downwards and there was ample space.  My advice is to open it from the bottom end next time as I had trouble reaching inside the narrow pouch for the sheet mask).

I really liked that the pouch was paper-based on the exterior, which meant it used less plastic than the average sheet mask packaging.  When I opened it, the sheet mask smelled immediately of pineapple.  It smelled so fruity and so nice!

I liked this sheet mask.  There was 25 grams of essence in one sheet mask which had enough leftover in the pouch for me to moisten the rest of my forehead and neck with it.  (I now realize that 25 g is the minimum amount needed — 30 is generous but 20 is definitely not enough for ample hydration.)  It adhered closely to my face so well.

Papa Recipe Bombee Fruitables "Yellow Squeeze Brightening Mask" sheet mask

The sheet mask lied so snugly on my face

The sheet mask itself is a “line cell sheet” that is made specifically to reduce stretching and tearing, adhere easier, and promote breathability of the skin.  The “squeeze” method also means there was a compressed juice extraction used to minimize nutrient loss.

The instructions called for 10 to 20 minutes of use before taking it off.  I actually slept with this sheet mask for about three hours before I peeled it off and it still felt nice when I did so.

I only used this once for the first impression so far so I couldn’t tell if my face really did brighten up after that one use.  I loved the fruity scent of this sheet mask for sure though!  The vertical packaging is more space saving than the other ones.

Update:  I used this sheet mask again. My second impressions:  This Bomboo Fruitables sheet mask, compared to others, is so much more soft and smooth! The line cell sheet really makes a difference.  It’s a lot softer around the edges when folding it around my face.  Thus, it was so nice putting it on my face.


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