Facial Sheet Mask Review: My Beauty Diary – Aloe Vera

My Beauty Diary sheet mask in Aloe Vera

My Beauty Diary sheet mask in Aloe Vera

I’ve heard of this brand, My Beauty Diary, before and was excited to try it out.  This brand of facial sheet masks comes from Taiwan.  My Beauty Diary has several varieties of sheet masks that targets different needs for the face (such as soothing, brightening, toning).  This one was an aloe vera one meant to soothe the face. 

This mint green coloured box with some plants on the cover looked soothing enough to me already.  It had eight pouches inside the cardboard box.

Each pouch was made with plastic and had 23 mL of essence in each one.

My Beauty Diary sheet mask in Aloe Vera

Back of box

There wasn’t any fragrance at all when I opened the pouch (so you don’t have to worry about fragrance sensitivities).  The sheet mask had a plastic film to it so that you could unfold it easily.

My Beauty Diary sheet mask in Aloe Vera

Each packet is so compact and cute

The mask instructions called for the mask to be put on the face “for as little as five to 10 minutes or enjoy for up to 20 to 30 minutes” before removing the mask.  I definitely opted for the lengthier duration.

The sheet mask itself was not the right shape.  It was a little longer than most sheet masks so that I had a lot sticking out on the top near my forehead while the mouth part was too long — the immediate part under my mouth was sheetless, which was disappointing.  The sheet mask otherwise fit well width-wise on my face.  They included tiny slits on the sheet mask along the bridge of the nose and corner of the eyes, but I still found that it didn’t converge on to my face perfectly.

My Beauty Diary sheet mask in Aloe Vera

It stuck on so well

I felt that this sheet mask was good but not extraordinary.  I didn’t think there was anything too special about it.  It didn’t particularly smell nice, it didn’t fit my face that great, and the results were just all right.  The price is super affordable though at 80 HKD per box (I got it on sale at Mannings for 50 HKD a box).

I peeled off the face mask after about 45 minutes.  There was still a bit of essence from the mask which I squeezed on to my arms and neck for further moisturizing.

I’ll have to see how the next My Beauty Diary sheet mask goes.  So far, I think it’s quite average but a safe sheet mask for anyone to use.

Update:  I tried this sheet mask again. This time, I didn’t notice the poorly shaped sheet mask and the mouth part wasn’t that long (perhaps I received a bad cutout the first time?).  It was also super watery and had so much essence leftover in the pouch!


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