Pandemic 2020 Takeout Eats: Win’s Seafood Restaurant

Win's Seafood Restaurant fish noodle soup

Win’s Seafood Restaurant located at 50 Lockridge Ave in Markham

June 8, 2020:  This restaurant is an absolute gem and although I’ve blogged about them before, it doesn’t hurt to give them a bit of exposure once more.  Win’s Seafood Restaurant (嚼通天) is a Chinese restaurant located at 50 Lockridge Avenue, Unit 1 (16th Avenue near Warden) in Markham that serves lunch combos and dinner combos (their specialty is clearly seafood).  I still to this day have not dined in for dinner, but I have for lunch previously.

The best two items to order for lunch are the Curry Chicken Rice and the Fish Bone Soup Noodle.

Fish Bone Soup Noodle

Fish Bone Soup Noodle. $8.99

You will not regret ordering the Fish Bone Soup Noodle.  The rice noodles are fine and soft with six large handmade fish balls, fish meat, and also fried fish skin!  They have some of the best fried fish skin in town.  It’s so crispy and only slightly salty.

The fish broth is made in-house with shark bone apparently and it is so rich, concentrated, and flavourful.  Despite being a takeout bowl of this noodle soup, the broth was still steaming hot when it was brought back home.  The broth was put in a separate container than the rice noodles and toppings.  I haven’t eaten this in at least a year and it was so comforting to eat it once more.  It’s still as good as ever!  The portion was so great not for one person but to share too.

 Fried Fish Skin

Fried Fish Skin that comes with the noodle soup

The Curry Chicken Rice was carried out in two containers too:  One for the white rice and one for the curry sauce and chicken.  Their curry sauce is dense and quite spicy.  Even a dab of it with your rice will heat up your mouthful.

Curry Chicken Rice

Curry Chicken Rice. $8.99

Preserved Vegetable Pork Noodle

Preserved Vegetable Pork Noodle. $9.99

We also ordered the Preserved Vegetable Pork Noodle.  This was a mix of vermicelli and thin noodles.  It was so tasty.  It’s hard to describe; there were bits of salty preserved vegetable, bits of pork, while all of the two types of noodles were fine and soft.  It’s also another comfort noodle dish.

This was such a great mid-week weekday lunch. ^_^  Yay to working from home and enjoying a hot meal with family.

(These items aren’t available during the dinner service, so if you want to try the curry chicken rice or fish noodle soup, make sure to visit during their lunch hours.)


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