Facial Sheet Mask Reviews: Dr. Morita Syn-ake Essence Facial Mask

Dr. Morita Syn-ake Essence Facial Mask box cover

Dr. Morita Syn-ake Essence Facial Mask box cover

This Dr. Morita facial mask is called “Syn-ake Essence Facial Mask” and boasts a “Natural formula V Face” on the front of the packaging.  Dr. Morita is a Taiwanese facial mask brand with some of the most varied types of facial masks on the Asian market (I’ve tried their Caviar MoisturizingSnail Repair, Hylauronic Acid Moisture Essence, and Active Enzyme Brightening Facial Masks so far).

This Syn-ake Essence facial mask is part of Dr. Morita’s natural organic series and aims to contour and firm the face using snake essence although I’m not sure why they spelled it “syn-ake”.  Perhaps it’s because the product itself doesn’t actually contain real snake essence?

The compact violet themed cardboard box contains only eight individual sheet masks (most of the other Dr. Morita boxes contain ten sheet masks).  Each sheet mask contained 25 g of essence.  The instructions call for the sheet mask to be put on the face for about 10 minutes only.

Dr. Morita Syn-ake Essence Facial Mask box

Back of box

Other than the ingredients being listed in English on the back of the package, the rest of the benefits and information about the sheet mask was actually in Chinese.  This meant that to someone who doesn’t read Chinese, they won’t be able to tell what this sheet mask is actually good for.   (Unless you use Google translate.)

Dr. Morita Syn-ake Essence Facial Mask

A single pouch

The recognizable ingredients to me in the list included: niacinamide (for skin brightening), hydrogenated caster oil, soluble collagen, caffeine, potassium DNA, horse chestnut seed extract, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, glycerin, hydrolyzed royal jelly protein, and cholesterol.

When I opened the plastic packaging and placed the sheet mask on my face, I noticed that the shape of the sheet mask was different than the usual ones.  It was elongated across the face as opposed to being long from the forehead to the skin.  It looked so unusual and I almost thought for a second that it was a manufacturing mistake and wouldn’t fit my face.  However, when I unravelled it carefully and fitted it over my face, it did fit.  Perhaps this is why it’s called “V face?”

Dr. Morita Syn-ake Essence Facial Mask

Back of pouch

The quality of Dr. Morita sheet masks is good in the sense that the sheet mask is cottony and so thin that after you put it on your face, it adheres like a second skin with no chance of the edges turning up and drying out prematurely.  The essence itself though was a bit watery for this one.  After I put the mask on my face and used the excess essence from the package to slather onto the rest of my face and body, it was so watery that it quickly rolled down my face.  Some went into my eyes too.  There was a little bit of fragrance but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what the smell was like.

And like the other sheet masks from this brand, the sheet mask also has a thin plastic film that helps you to unfold the sheet mask easier.


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