39 Weeks Old Baby — standing up and crawling forward

39 week baby: 

  • June 18:  She is officially 9 months old now and officially out in the world for more time than she’s been in the womb.
  • I’m on one hand very content with the routine that we’ve had in the past year of being home and limiting contact with others that I don’t want things to change.  On the other hand, I really miss going out by myself to eat at a restaurant or to go grocery shopping or to get a massage without fear.  Some other social events, I actually don’t particularly care for.  I think it’s going to be difficult to adjust living a social “normal” day-to-day life again.  How will I reject social events without the excuse that we have to “stay home”? XD
  • (Edit:  found an article that resonates with my sentiment of enjoying the pandemic life and dreading a return to “normal”.)
  •  I tried pumping at the dinner table for the first time yesterday.  It saved me time from not having to sit an extra hour to pump since I was able to eat at the same time.  But since I pumped earlier, I still had to pump again before bedtime which was an extra pump session.
  • More foods:  Salmon, papaya, her 9 month old cake which consisted of regular cake and bananas and maybe a speck of cream, tomatoes.
  • June 20: I have the same aversion to posting about father’s day as mother’s day celebrations. Hate it. Now that more contacts on my list are first time mothers or fathers, the posts have quadrupled. The posts used to be just about our parents, but now it’s my peers posting about how wonderful their partner is because it’s father’s day or mother’s day. I need to take a social media detox during these so-called holidays. It makes me really uncomfortable and sad as the screenshot I posted talks about… (photo from https://www.instagram.com/p/CQWIYzCtvxc/
  • That being said, when I see those posts, I’ll still give it a like for my friends but once the HFD posts come 3 in a row, I stop scrolling and exit the app.
  • None of this has anything to do with my own DH. I don’t feel a need to boast about him on social media?!?? It’s my own distaste of the boasting that comes out of these social media posts.
  • Bb can stand up on her own and crawl forward.
  • She laughed when I dribbled water through my hands like a waterfall during bath time. Her laughter is seriously the best sound on earth.
  • It’s becoming hard to “ignore” her. She is aware of what we’re doing when we’re around her. No longer can daddy hold her in one arm with a phone in the other and text or surf without her needing attention from us.. She’s more aware than ever before. We have to interact with her constantly.
  • June 21: She’s standing on her own now!!! And crawling forward by inches. !!!
  • Literally “milking” the days until the pumping journey ends. I talk about how much time I spend pumping milk for her, but it’s all I ever want to do. Looking back, I’ll miss the days when I can retreat to my pumping corner to sit and relax and indulge in my smartphone. It’s a love and hate /hypocritical thing but I’m really grateful I’m continuing to lactate so I can feed her. I’ll miss it for sure.
  • These days, with her little bottom tooth coming out and more prominent each day, she likes to stick her tongue sideways and “feel” the tooth. It’s a new sensation for her.
  • When feeding her, my spoon sometimes touches her bottom gums and I can also “feel” the tooth’s hardness. We need to buy baby toothpaste soon!
  • Her 9 month old wellness checkup is this week: need to ask the pediatrician about: her bi-weekly poops, not a huge desire to eat, tendency to throw up when stuffing food in her mouth, baby toothpaste brand?…
  • Had a difficult time the past few days ruminating about putting time into my career versus taking care of her versus having me time. Me time and baby time win. I can always make money later, but she will never be this little again. It’s an age-old dilemma but it truly is difficult to decide sometimes. I’m so mentally tired I want to have a break away from her but even so, I’ll miss out on her little moments. It’s really hard to balance it out..
  • June 23:  She can crawl forward easily now.. very curious about everything and wants to touch it.
  • She loves to pull up herself by holding onto us and then when she’s standing, she giggles and laughs.
  • She fights naps and being dressed.
  • Her little chubby yet slender thumb is so cute. Her small hands in general too. XD
  • I don’t have the Wonder Weeks app, but I belong to the mommy fb groups where they mention the WW milestones every once in a while. I don’t know which month this milestone “belongs” to, but she likes to crawl to the edge of the play mat and look underneath it. This is an actual “milestone” — knowing to lift a mat/carpet to look what’s under it.
  • Ever since last week, when lifting her up and having her “dance”, she likes to look down at her toes. XD
  • She really loved the halved cherries I fed her this week. She sucked all the juice from it and swallowed them nicely without spitting them out.
  • Used the crinkle cutter finally today for the first time. It’s so easily to cut foods with it!

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