Food Adventures at CNE 2017

 taco mac and cheese

Canadian National Exhibition located at 210 Princes’ Blvd in Toronto

My food adventures at the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) this year were quite tame.  Nevertheless, the food was still good.

When we got to the Food Building around 1 p.m., the building was packed as always.  I had a bit of a sore throat growing so I was on the search for some comfort food that wasn’t too spicy or fried so as to limit further irritation of my throat.  I decided to get mac and cheese!

Mac & Cheesery has been a vendor at the CNE as Continue reading


Crazy Food at CNE 2015!

CNE 2015! 😀

It’s that time of the year again!  Eating crazy food at the Ex!  The Canadian National Exhibition has been promoting some off-the-charts crazy food creations in the recent years and most of us foodies fall for it because it not only looks delicious but seems crazy to try.
You get a lot of weird combinations that might taste good but on the whole, it is a risk to take.

The last time that I was at CNE was actually two years ago.   Continue reading

CNE 2013 — Crazy food edition

Last night I attended the Canadian National Exhibition, CNE for short, with 4 other friends in search for the weirdest and wackiest food creations. CNE is an annual end-of-summer fair that is half carnival and half food fest. Actually, it’s more like an exhibition grounds for your typical carnival rides and games, a petting zoo, arts and crafts shows, various performances, and more. Continue reading