Summerlicious 2013 Restaurant #2: Lisbon by Night

Portuguese food has never tasted so good at Lisbon by Night.  I loved the fish soup that I started off with.  This restaurant is really well known for their fish dishes and when I ordered the fish soup, even the server’s smile told me that it was the right appetizer to pick.  It was warm and each spoonful was full of soft, shredded fish pieces.  The crunchy croutons gave the soup a nice kick.  The calamari that my friend ordered was very well done and flavoured.  

Usually main courses are not as delicious and unique as far as appetizers and desserts go, but I was so thoroughly impressed with the main at Lisbon by Night.  It was a seafood risotto, but the way they prepared it was unlike your regular risotto.  This one had the rice drowning in a deep orange soup.  It was so delicious and the perfect compliment comfort food on a rainy day.  The shrimps were fresh and succulent.  It was hard to stop eating this generous portion.

The passion fruit flan that I had smelled like a perfume and/or body lotion.  It was refreshing and the passion fruit seeds were crunchy.  I loved the dessert that my friend got though, which was the Portuguese tart.  I’ve had such egg tarts in Macau before where it has a very rich history of Portuguese food, but I enjoyed this tart very much.  It was very rich and sweet like honey.

My friend and I have been to three restaurants so far since our friendship began and so far, we have to give ourselves quite a big pat on the back.  All three restaurants that we’ve been to were amazingly delicious, very generous with their portions (I had to doggy bag my food all three times), and deserving of a return trip.  I definitely would go back to Lisbon by Night to try more of their amazing food.


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