Summerlicious 2013 Restaurant #1: Splendido [Defunct]

Why, hello, hello!  The season of Toronto’s most beloved food celebrations is here!  Say hello (for the third time) to Summerlicious!  Hundreds of restaurants across Toronto choose to participate in this delicious 3-week affair of fine dining with prix fixe menus and drool-worthy items.  Every year I go a little crazy and attend as many restaurants as I can with friends.  How can I ever say no to prix fixe meals at some of the best restaurants in town? 🙂

For my first Summerlicious restaurant this season, myself and three friends ventured to Splendido for dinner.  

The restaurant is located at Spadina and Harbord and very inconspicuously decorated on the outside.  Upon walking into the restaurant, you are welcomed like a queen (or king).  The host was extremely friendly and we made some small chat before a server guided me to my table.  She waited on me and pushed my chair in as I sat there and even provided a little table at my side for me to place my purse.  How neat!

The attentive service continued that night as our water glasses were never empty and the staff was polite and courteous, as well as extremely professional when they served each dish.  They ensured that opposite sides of the table received their dishes of food at exactly the same time, and always serving from the right hand side.  It was extremely impressive and one of my friends couldn’t stop complimenting them on their excellent service.

All right!  Enough writing lol, here are the foods that we had that night. 🙂

Every dish was very good, but my favourites were the Perfect Hen’s Egg and the Sea Bass that my friends had.   At the end of the meal, we each received a parting gift which was a little box that contained a cookie inside.  It was such a nice touch and end to the night.  I definitely recommend this place for foodies to try out. 🙂

Splendido on Urbanspoon

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