A Favourite of Casual Cafe of Mine: City Hollywood Cafe

Each booth seat has a unique framed cartoon such as this one
Located at 4372 Steeles Avenue East in Markham

Every so often, I like to visit City Hollywood Cafe which is situated on the outside mall strip of Market Village in Markham.  This popular spot for having all-day breakfast, afternoon tea, happy hour, lunch, dinner, or whatever else is frequently populated by Asian families, youths, and the elderly. It’s a casual restaurant that is very smartly decorated with old-style Hollywood pictures of celebrities, memorabilia, and other knickknacks.  The seating is comfortable, where each booth features a cute framed cartoon such as the one seen below.  All of their menus are also made to look like a magazine (sorry, no picture).  Best of all, this restaurant offers free wifi!  What’s not to like? 🙂

On this particular visit, I ordered a plate of curry beef with rice that also had a side of vegetables on the side plus their club sandwich with fries on the side.  The club sandwich was delicious and the fries were flavourful and crispy.  Yum!  The curry beef also came as a set meal with the soup of the day, a fluffy bun, and a drink.

Club Sandwich -- tomato, lettuce, bacon, egg (so soft and delicious!)

Club Sandwich — tomato, lettuce, bacon, egg (so soft and delicious!), ham

I’ll always come back to this place since their food is good, the prices are moderately cheap, and I can enjoy my meal in a nice air-conditioned environment with free wifi.  That’s pretty much what any restaurant needs to be successful.  Woohoo!

City Hollywood Cafe on Urbanspoon

Other dishes that I’ve ordered:

Mixed Grill with Spaghetti

Baked Seafood in Cream Sauce with Rice

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