Afghan Food at Bamiyan Kabob

Tonight, I went with a friend to try out Bamiyan Kabob.  It is a popular place to eat Middle Eastern food as evidenced by both the current #2 restaurant ranking in the Markham area on Urbanspoon and also immediately when we stepped foot into the restaurant.  We were actually surprised to realize that it was not a sit-down and dine-in restaurant with servers, but rather it was a pay-for-your-meal and grab-a-table-and-start-eating kind of place.

We were still very excited to try it out though, and ordered two dishes to share that we had heard were popular and delicious.  They specialize in different kinds of kabobs such as chicken, lamb, and beef cooked in a “Bamiyan” fashion.

Tandoori Chicken Kabob

Tandoori Chicken Kabob. $10.99
-chicken marinated in seasoning.

I loved their chicken.  It was very tasty!  Also, their rice was delicious as well!

Kofta Kabob

Kofta Kabob. $8.99
-2 skewers of lean ground beef marinated in fresh grated spices and seasoning.

The beef skewers were very good; they were a little spicy, but still very well flavoured and soft.  I liked the chicken better in the end.  The salad, Bamiyan Mista (fresh tomatoes and Bermula onions, tossed with natural herbs), was very fresh.

Afghan Naan

Afghan Naan

The Afghan Naan that we got was unlike the Indian naan I’ve had before.  This was more bread-like and thicker.  It was still very good though.  My friend made sure to ask for the “white sauce” that you see here which was recommended to her by her cousin — it was good but seemed more like salad dressing to us.  Haha…

It was a good and delicious meal worth around $10 each.  It was a little noisy to carry a good conversation since there were so many tables and lots of in and outs.  There were also lots of people ordering take-out.  Once you’re done eating, you carry your tray of finished plates to the station to dispose of your own trash.  There was a couple waiting on our table when we were nearing the end of our last bites.  Many families with small children filled the tables and the majority of the patrons were of Middle Eastern descent.  The restaurant is located in the Markham Road area where there is a large Middle Eastern population.  Aside from this Markham location, they also have several other locations in the GTA.

Would I return to this restaurant?  Probably yes, and probably if I’m in the area for some yummy and good quality Afghan Halal food. 🙂  Oh, and next time I would probably get their mango smoothie as well.  I saw the table next to us ordering it and it looked pretty substantial!

Bamiyan Kabob on Urbanspoon


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5 Responses to Afghan Food at Bamiyan Kabob

  1. Trace says:

    Wow. No time is wasted in posting 🙂

  2. hollyedejer says:

    The food looks so gooooood!

    • stenoodie says:

      I was surprised with how good the food turned out in my pictures too! I simply took a super quick shot on all three before I started eating haha. I guess the sunlight that streamed into the windows of the restaurant gave the food an extra sparkle! You should try this restaurant out sometime. 🙂

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