Ho Shin Tang — Korean Restaurant [Defunct]

The nice, clean environment of Ho Shin Tang located at 328 Highway 7 E in Richmond Hill

Wow!  I loved this place!  I walked in at noon with my mom on a rainy Saturday and we were the first ones inside.  The place is modern, sleek, decorated with minimal pictures of food on the wall, clean, and the staff is extremely pleasant and attentive.

We were served with some delicious rice tea after sitting down.  After placing our order, we received a delightful array of the Korean side dishes that you usually receive.  They were really good!  The kimchi wasn’t too spicy or bland.  I liked the spinach one that they had since it was nicely flavoured and not chewy.  There was a potato salad kind of side dish that had the creamiest dressing I’ve had and paired nicely with crunchy cucumbers.  My favourite side dish was the tiny fried fish and peppers.  The slight spiciness of the peppers added to the crispiness of the fish.  It was so good that we ordered another dish since the server kindly informed us that we could get more if we wanted to.  In the end, we ordered an entire second round of the side dishes because they were so good!  I’ve never done that at a Korean restaurant before! Usually I’m just content with the first round of side dishes, but not here!  I wanted more.

Korean side dishes

The one on the left was my favourite side dish — little fried fish with peppers that were the perfect combination.  The one to the right is of pickled carrots and baby bok choy.

Grilled beef ribs in a seasoned soy sauce with rice — the most perfectly grilled Korean beef ribs I’ve EVER had! So tasty and juicy!

I ordered the grilled beef ribs with rice and also the black soybean sauce noodles & spicy seafood noodle soup to share.  It was SO delicious.  The beef ribs were all so tender and cooked to perfection.  Each bite was mouthwatering and I couldn’t wait to finish one rib before using the metal chopsticks to pick up another one.  Slices and bigger pieces of onions were placed underneath the ribs on the hot plate.  It added to the rich flavour of the meat.  I was truly impressed!  The hot plate wasn’t oily either and I also liked how they cut up most of the ribs so that there were individual pieces of meat and bones separated.  I’ve never had such perfectly seasoned and cooked beef ribs ever!

The order of noodles brought forth the two different kinds of noodles in a unique bowl that was separated into two sides.  The server nicely chopped up the noodles and mixed it up for us.  One side held the noodles with black soybean sauce (jajangmyun) and the other side held the spicy seafood noodle soup (jjamppong).  I’ve had jajangmyun before and I never loved it since the black bean sauce was sometimes too salty and overwhelming.  However, at this place, it was perfectly made and the noodles were so wonderfully tasty and firm.  I really enjoyed it!  I also really enjoyed the jjamppong as there was ample seafood in there:  Tiny shrimps, a big shrimp with the shell still on, mussels, cuttlefish, and lots of cut-up vegetables!  The soup itself was not too spicy and was a perfect broth to sip.  I don’t think there was too much MSG at all; if any, added.

Noodles with black soybean sauce (jajangmyun) & spicy seafood noodle soup (jjamppong) — also perfectly made! Delicious!

Overall, I was shocked with how amazing this restaurant was.  I didn’t think that walking into this place on a rainy Saturday, pretty much randomly, would have had me so impressed with lunch.  I will definitely, definitely return again to try more of their other dishes including their pork bone soup which is such a staple to try at a Korean restaurant.  Yay!  Super excited to have found this place! 😀

Close-up of the jjamppong

Ho Shin Tang Korean Restaurant

Also, after we paid and was already out the door, I was opening the umbrella in the doorway when one of their staff popped her head out of the door specifically to say good-bye to us.  Wow.  What nice service! ^_^

Ho Shin Tang on Urbanspoon


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  1. hollyedejer says:

    Ahh, this is making me crave Korean food!

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