Big Bone BBQ & Wicked Wings

“Everybody likes a nice rack”
Located at 180 Bullock Drive in Markham

First thoughts about Big Bone: Mmm!  This place has amazing Creamy Parmesan wings!  I loved it. 😀

My friend and I visited the Markham location of Big Bone BBQ & Wicked Wings on a lucky Monday since this is the only day of the week where there is an awesome deal of a full rack of ribs, 1 pound of wings, large fries (or salad) for just $25 including tax!



That’s such a great deal!  We ordered this without hesitation and also a slice of cornbread to try.

Monday Mania. What a great deal!

It took a little bit of time for the meats and fries to arrive (as all good things take some time and patience 😉 ).  The restaurant itself was not too big.  It had several tables and two booths with some simple posters on the wall for decoration.  The server was extremely nice.  Seeing as it was our first time there, we asked her what the popular flavour of wings were and she told us that their Original Smoked, Honey Garlic, and Creamy Parmesan were the top picks.  The service was wonderful and our cornbread was even on the house since she had forgotten about it in the original order.

Casual seating

The first thing I loved was their fries.  Droool!  They were so well fried and crispy!  I couldn’t stop eating the first several fries.  Also, the pile of food was huge!  The picture of fries seen below is actually extremely misleading.  It looks like a small dish, but if you scroll lower and view the picture of me with the food, you’ll get an idea of how big the portion actually was.  So!  Even though I wanted to keep on munching and finishing all the fries, I also didn’t want to let the meats get cold.

Large fries!

I dived into my first drumstick that was Creamy Parmesan flavoured.  Wow.  I was SO impressed!  Not only was it creamy, but the meat itself was soft and tender.  It was so amazing.   I thoroughly enjoyed my second one as well.  The Original Smoked wings were not as amazing as the Creamy Parmesan ones were.  It was still really well seasoned, but I just loved the creamy one.  I love cheese in general anyway, so it was a perfect fit. 😀

A full rack of ribs and a pound of wings. (Thanks for this picture, Betty!)

The wings were Original Smoked and Creamy Parmesan.

On to the ribs.  Unfortunately, I didn’t find that these ribs were the best that I’ve ever had.  I know, a little disappointing.  (Especially since they have competed in Ribfests across Ontario and have won over 50 BBQ Championships for ribs, chicken and sauces.)  The sauce itself was yummy, and I wish there was more of it.  I like it when ribs are drenched with the sauce and my fingers are full of leftover sauce when I’m done eating.  It just completes the experience.  I also found that the ribs weren’t very soft or tender.  Boo.  Maybe I waited too long to try the ribs since I was too thoroughly enjoying the fries and cheesy wings and they got cold.

The cornbread was so-so.  It was a little bit dry and not too much flavour.


The portions were huge! We both ended up taking food home since we were stuffed.

All in all, I loved Big Bone BBQ’s wings and fries.  I would definitely come back again for those.  I would love to try the other different flavours of their wings and also their pulled pork sandwich as I’ve heard it’s really good.  Overall, I do recommend this place.  Try it out! 🙂

Big Bone BBQ & Wicked Wings on Urbanspoon

Edit:  I doggy bagged some of the ribs and fries home since the portion was just too big.  I had the ribs again and to my surprise, I really liked it this time!  It wasn’t as rough or dry as it tasted yesterday.  Woohoo!  I guess the next time I visit them, I will also get the ribs as well. 😀

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